Batista: Could a Return to Wrestling Be in the Future for The Animal

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2011

Dave Bautista, better known simply as Batista by WWE fans, left the world of wrestling just under one year ago to pursue other interests, including a foray into the world of MMA.

Batista's sheer size made him an immediate topic of discussion amongst MMA fans, albeit not always a positive discussion. His age was called into question by just about everyone as a reason he would not be a viable long term investment for any MMA promoter.

I don't blame him for trying though. After the success of Brock Lesnar and budding career of Bobby Lashley, it seemed like a good possibility we could see Batista fighting somewhere in MMA.

There was talk for months about a deal with Strikeforce for Batista to come in and have some fights, but these talks fizzled out after Strikeforce was purchased by UFC. 

Batista recently commented to TMZ that he was disappointed nothing ever came of the deal.

MMA is not the only focus of the former grappler. He has been trying his hand at acting like many popular wrestlers have done. His most notable appearance may have been his role on the NBC comedy Chuck alongside long-time actor Eric Roberts.

His other notable acting jobs include a role on Smallville and the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Now that his MMA deal has fallen through a return to wrestling may be his best bet.  That's not to say that he would be welcome back into the WWE with open arms though.

There are some within WWE who may have been left with a bad impression of Batista. 

John Morrison and Melina are two people who may not appreciate "The Animal" returning after it was revealed that Batista engaged in a physical relationship with Melina in his autobiography.

Booker T is also someone who may not want Batista back in a WWE ring. There were reports that Batista and Booker got into a real life fist-fight backstage during a PPV. This happened a few years ago so it is possible that the two men have set their differences aside by now.

His rise to the top of the WWE food chain came quickly as he was put into a stable with Triple H and Ric Flair very early in his WWE run. After breaking off from Evolution, Batista went on to have some great feuds with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker.

With WWE losing Edge and Shawn Michaels over the last year or so, and add in the fact that Triple H and Undertaker have severely reduced schedules, WWE is in need of some star power right now.

Mason Ryan was described as a Batista clone by many before he came to WWE as part of CM Punk's new Nexus. A feud between the original and the new guy could be entertaining.

What do you guys think, should Batista return to WWE or should he stay out of the wrestling business altogether?