Please Excuse Poor Performance: New Driver Jarret Brown Behind the Wheel

David KuykendallCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2017

Well WVU rolls by Syracuse today after a very poor performance by the WVU offense and coaching staff (Jeff Mullen). The only person who seemed to know what he was doing was Noel Devine, who broke LaDainian Tomlinsons record for the longest rushing TD.

The precious record was 89 yds against UTEP; the new record is 92 yds against hated Syracuse. While sports media will look down on this and give WVU an underdog ticket going into this Thursday's Auburn game, I ask that fellow WVU fans excuse Jarret Brown's performance.

With today being only his second start, I give him a B for effort. While he threw less than stellar, I remind you that he only threw four passes deeper than 10 yards, and that is do to play calling.

Today we saw about eight to nine screens for a total of 30 yards and a TD, not exactly what a QB wants in play calling, nor fans for that matter. With less than a week to go to a game that could give WVU a little national respect, I fear Jeff Mullen has yet to realize that something is wrong.

Don't get me wrong; I don't want him fired.......just demoted or put on restriction because he obviously doesn't see that not only is passing short bad, but passing backwards is bad.

I do see some improvement though. Our offensive line seems to be doing better on the run; now we just need the pass blocking and play calling to get better and we are back to our old ways.

With that being said, we finally saw Noel Devine breaks into open field and put to the game to rest with a 92-yard monster of a run with three minutes left.

Most people will not know about this due to media partisanship, but make no mistake, it was amazing. I don't think WVU will lose to Auburn, but I do think it will be a test for Mullen.

If we win this one handily with good play calling and good execution, it will be the game that tells us how good this coaching staff is.