Tony Gonzalez to Be Traded? Maybe to the Giants?

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Tony Gonzalez to Be Traded?  Maybe to the Giants?

There has been lots of talk about the Chiefs and a possible trade of Tony Gonzalez. I have said before that maybe we owe it to Gonzalez to play for a contender, but as it possibly gets closer to actually happening, I am developing a pain in my stomach.

I would understand it if Tony G wanted to play somewhere he has a chance at the Super Bowl, but I would absolutely HATE to see him in another uniform.

Here is some of the "news" that is being reported about the possible Tony Gonzalez trade from around the net:

Jay Glazer has this to say about the Tony Gonzalez trade:

    If they can find a trade that would work for all parties, it would actually be quite honorable for a team executive to not hold a player hostage in his final years on a rebuilding team. Get something for him to assist with the rebuilding process. He'll forever be loved in KC regardless.

    The Giants are the perfect fit as they'd provide Eli Manning with one of the most reliable targets in the league. Between Gonzalez and Plaxico Burress, their red-zone threat would be downright scary. The Giants should take the second and fifth-round picks they got for Jeremy Shockey's trade and offer them to the Chiefs for Gonzalez. Shockey for Gonzo? Who doesn't do that?

If I were the Giants, and Chiefs offered me Gonzalez for the same second and fifth-round picks that they got for Shockey, I would take that in a heartbeat. Gonzalez, although older, is a MUCH better (more complete and injury free) TE. IF the Chiefs make this trade I would hope they would get more than that for him. Don't get a Shockey for giving a Gonzalez (future HOF'er and best TE EVER).

Pro Football Talk: Tony Gonzalez traded to Giants?

    A reader tells us that KSHB in Kansas City is reporting that Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez has requested a trade, and that one of the teams in the running is the New York Gootball Fiants. (It’s an inside joke that you’ll understand only if you check the site every day, multiple times per day.)

    Though we haven’t confirmed that KSHB is reporting this information, we’ve learned separately that, indeed, an effort is afoot to move Gonzalez out of Kansas City.

So who knows what or if any of these rumors are valid, but you never know. Tony G say that, since it could take a few years that maybe the Chiefs should see what they could get for him and ship him off.

The trade deadline is Oct. 14 at 4:00 PM EDT. We should all know something by then.

From: KC Chiefs Football

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