The Chiefs QB Situation… A New Twist

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2008

As all of you know the Chiefs seem to be in quite a pickle. Their supposed QB of the future comes back next week to play against the Tennessee Titans and there are still lots of possibilities as to what could happen. If nothing else it should be very interesting to watch the rest of the season play out to say the least.

Suppose Brodie doesn’t get hurt and finishes the season out strong, what do you do then?  Do you sign Brodie to an extension or let him go and say that he has already proven he can’t stay healthy for a full season?  If this did play out and the Chiefs decided to give him an extension isn’t that just really delaying the inevitable? Brodie seems to the type of player that will get hurt again and when that happens the Chiefs will be back in the very same spot they are now, looking for a new QB.

Suppose Brodie comes back and gets hurt at some point before the season is over, what do you do then? Most would say cut him loose and I tend to agree, but I was thinking that there is still another possibility.  If (or when) Brodie gets hurt this season that obviously will lower his value as a QB and this could be a good thing for the Chiefs. They could still go after a new QB, whether via Draft or Free Agency, and resign Brodie for backup or third string type money (assuming he would).  If you did this you would have a guy that already knows the playbook and could step in for short times if the new QB gets a little banged up.

Brodie Croyle (photo from ESPN)

Anyways, those are just some thoughts I had on this lazy Friday. What do you guys think? Is this a feasible option or am I smoking something?

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The Chiefs QB Situation… A New Twist