UFC 129 Fight Card: Georges St. Pierre's Career-Defining Moments

Jonathan R.R. ClarkeContributor IIIApril 25, 2011

UFC 129 Fight Card: Georges St. Pierre's Career-Defining Moments

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    Georges St-Pierre is a living legend. His legacy is already solidified within the chambers of UFC history as one of the greatest welterweights of the sport.

    His athleticism and well-rounded martial arts ability is unsurpassed, along with an intelligence and determination which helps him strive for ultimate supremacy over every opponent he meets.

    Over the last few years, St-Pierre has met fighters who have owned the title ‘GSP’s greatest challenge yet’ or ‘the hardest test of St-Pierre’s career.’

    Every time these headlines have been carved in articles for pre-fight hype – with Hughes, BJ Penn, Fitch (the list goes on) – but Georges St-Pierre has simply carved over them with the hope of one headline, a headline he wants to encompass his whole career, a headline he is well on track to claiming...’Georges St-Pierre: the greatest pound for pound fighter in history.’

    Here we will take a look at what makes him so great, the moments which encapsulate his career and define him as the supreme martial artist he is today...

The Destruction of Fitch

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    Too Hot For Fitch

    Before this fight, ideas and predictions were circulating, people were talking...saying that John Fitch posed a massive threat to Georges St.Pierre. Fitch is a battler, he will keep coming and will not stop 'til his lights are switched off or the last bell rings.

    But when he met Georges he was completely overwhelmed with take-down after take-down and was dominated on the ground all night long.

    After a number of punches rocked and dropped Fitch, Georges smothered him with elbows and kicks but failed to finish the fight.

    However, it did ride out to a very one-sided five-round decision in favor of Canada's favorite son.

A Prodigy Meets the GSP Phenomenon

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    I'm not impressed by your performance BJ...

    Georges St.-Pierre demolished the lightweight dominator and fellow living legend, BJ Penn, after a much hyped, highly anticipated clash between the two champions.

    Georges demonstrated complete control over the Hawaiian and dispatched him, and all of the threat he carried, convincingly and emphatically. He didn't just do this...he did it twice.

    The first clash, in March 2006, was an all-out war for the chance to fight Matt Hughes for the Welterweight Championship. This fight was kept predominantly on the feet, were St.Pierre systematically picked BJ apart.

    Although St.Pierre suffered a broken nose and a cut eye in this clash, his take-downs and effective kicks were enough to give him the decision.

    The second clash between these two was stopped in the fourth, as GSP defended his belt for the second successive time.


Revenge Is Sweet

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    I'm hungry...any spare ribs?

    When Georges St.Pierre lost his newly acquired Welterweight Championship belt to huge underdog Matt Serra, there was a state of shock across the UFC.

    Canada fell completely silent as they watched Rush stagger and fall, almost in slow motion, to the ground...where Serra punished him with a barrage of unrelenting punches. This was a national tragedy, an inexplicable outcome, a shock to the fighting world...okay maybe a bit too dramatic.

    But anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because, ever since this fight, GSP has vowed it has made him stronger and that he will never take any of his future opponents lightly.

    Naturally then a rematch with Serra was for April 2008 and, naturally, it would take place in GSP's home town Montreal. It was on that night that thousands of his fans witnessed a redemption, a rebirth of their fighter: stronger, more developed and more punishing.

    Coming fresh from an impressive armbar submission win over Matt Hughes in the second round, Georges decided to finish Serra in the second round too - but this time with a brutal succession of knees to the side of a fetal-like Serra.

    Revenge is sweet and, regaining the title in front of his hometown fans, even sweeter.

Dominating Hardy

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    Not so Hardy now are you?

    When Georges met Dan Hardy, the plucky Brit who showed no fear, Hardy was a huge underdog from the start.

    And, whilst Hardy claimed that this did not bother him, GSP made it clear that he would never take any opponent lightly after his shock defeat to Serra three years previously.

    As expected, Georges defeated Hardy with relative ease. However, what became apparent in this fight, and negatively so for GSP, was his increasing inability to finish fights.

    He was able to get Hardy in very dangerous positions, having the armbar AND kimura fully applied at some points, but failed to fully capitalise and the fight ran out to yet another decision victory.

    His five-round stamina is unquestionable. But his nickname ‘Rush’ is becoming ironic.

Koscheck's Boxing Lesson

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    A sight for sore eyes...literally.

    GSP's last fight against Josh Koscheck was highly anticipated after their run as coaches on the Ultimate Fighter. A lot of tension had built between the two and, Koscheck being Koscheck, tried everything possible to get under St.Pierre's skin.

    However, Pierre is never one for trash talking and always does his talking in the Octagon. When UFC 124 finally came, Georges had trained with Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao in boxing and how it showed!

    Koscheck had no answer to Georges' swift jab and smooth stand-up. Koscheck's eye swelled to the size of a tennis ball by the end of the third and, by the time the fifth round came, he couldn't see a thing out of it.

    Pierre won the fight through yet another decision victory. He has the ability to overwhelm opponent after opponent, but cannot seem to finish. Never the less, a victory is a victory.

Shields and Beyond

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    The Champ and Shields

    So now people we await April 30. Georges St.Pierre vs. Jake Shields. A tactical battle between a Jiu-Jitsu master and a newly-found boxing talent.

    GSP's best chances for this one is to keep the fight standing. However, always a fan of new challenges, Georges has claimed that he is not afraid to go to the ground with Shields.

    Either way, this one promises to be a big fight - 55,000 fans, a record sell-out for the UFC. Expect to get your money's worth in terms of time. I see this going to the scorecards again.

    Prediction: Georges St.Pierre via Unanimous Decision.


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