WWE Draft 2011: Will CM Punk Finally Get His Chance to Be a Star?

Diego GomezjuradoContributor IApril 24, 2011

CM Punk, a couple of months ago, was part of a switch that saw him move to Monday nights while the Rated R Superstar headed the other way to Friday Nights.

Since that moment, I have faithfully watched Raw on Mondays, mainly because my favorite superstar was on the roster. However, week after week he has been relegated to being nothing but a mid-card superstar feuding with Randy Orton and putting him more over than he already is. So now, the 2011 WWE Draft is knocking on the door and it proves the perfect opportunity to finally give CM Punk the push he deserved.

Since CM Punk was cleared to compete, and received a stable to lead, a main event push has seemed on the horizon. For weeks, Punk seemed to get the better of John Cena leading into the Royal Rumble. He beat him with a chair, attacked him backstage, beat him in the ring and overall he led his stable, The New Nexus, to a successful position.

During the first quarter of the Royal Rumble this push was coming to fruition with Punk and his New Nexus dominating all opponents. As this was happening, I was glued to my screen with a smile on my face and when CM Punk said "We're going to WrestleMania," I truly believed him and was happy for his main event push. Then came John Cena, who eliminated the whole New Nexus and celebrated with Hornswoggle, turning the whole Rumble into a joke.

From this stemmed a feud with Randy Orton. A feud with so much potential, a feud that would see two giants in the ring have some massive matches ending with CM Punk being victorious at WrestleMania. However, creative belittled the feud and used CM Punk as a jobber who helped Orton get more over than possible. The feud saw Orton hospitalize the New Nexus and beat Punk almost every week, eventually leading to a solid match that didn't live up to its potential at WrestleMania 27.

So now the April fraft approaches and it gives CM Punk the perfect opportunity to be the main asset of one of the two shows. With the lack of stardom present on Smackdown, I predict WWE Creative and Vince McMahon will move one of the top performers from Monday to Friday Nights, leaving Punk with the perfect opportunity to take the missing role and become the star he deserves to be.

In other words, CM Punk will stay put on Raw, with either John Cena, Randy Orton or John Morrisson heading towards Smackdown. Once the rosters are set, it is important that WWE push him quick and push him completely towards the main event, give him a big title and watch him become a Hall-of-Famer.

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