WWE Draft 2011 Results: WWE Draft Continues! Supplementary Draft Results Here

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2011

Hey guys, these are the wrestlers and divas who were drafted from their respective show earlier.

Daniel Bryan to SmackDown

Jack Swagger to Raw

The Great Khali to SmackDown

Jimmy Uso to SmackDown

Kelly Kelly to Raw

JTG to Raw

Alicia Fox to SmackDown

William Regal to SmackDown

Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown

Drew McIntyre to Raw 

Natalya to SmackDown

Curt Hawkins to Raw

Chris Masters to Raw

Jey Uso to SmackDown

Kofi Kingston to Raw

Ted DiBiase to SmackDown

Tyson Kidd to SmackDown

Tamina to SmackDown

Tyler Reks to Raw

Alex Riley to SmackDown

Beth Phoenix to Raw

Sheamus to SmackDown

Source: http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2011-wwe-draft-continued

How do you feel about this unique selection?

My main disappointment was no draft to SmackDown for Zack Ryder. However, at least Hawkins is on Raw. Perhaps a La Famila/Major Brother reunion?

Danel Bryan and Sheamus to SmackDown: Do you think a feud will carry over to the blue brand?

Alex Riley to SmackDown was a pick of mine to happen this year, and it did; now Miz must retain a clean win—well, we can hope.

Tyson Kidd to showcase his abilities on SmackDown will be a great chapter in his WWE career.

From being involved in the main televised draft to now being a "WWE.com Exclusive" draftee, is Kofi the next MVP?

Yoshi Tatsu heading to the Blue brand is a great choice. He can finally have the much-needed air time after the ending of the once extreme ECW brand.

The Usos didn't split up—praise the Lord! WWE does give a darn about tag teams...

The Great Khali was only drafted due to the Big Show on Raw. The two will never be on the same brand.

Regal to SmackDown was a smart decision. Now, up-and-coming faces have a heel veteran to work with.

I'm really disappointed that DiBiase is on the Blue Brand. I really didn't want him and Cody on the same brand.

Swagger to help out Cole on the Flagship Show was an obvious pick of the draft.

Drew McIntyre can have a fresh start and hopefully break through to the top with a money-in-the-bank win.

Kelly Kelly back to RAW—Jerry Lawler is happy.

Beth Pheonix and Kharma/Awesome Kong on the same brand? How can a match not take place!


Feel free to leave comments on how this will effect the WWE Landscape forever... Well, until the next draft.