Things Starting To Look Up For The New Monsters Of The Midway

EricContributor IOctober 10, 2008

Things seem to be finally looking up for the new and improved Chicago Bears. Every year is the same thing with the Chicago Bears. Quarterback controversy, a new running back to rely on, a mediocre receiving corps., and too high expectations. One thing that Chicago has always been able to rely on is the amazing defense. Hard hits, dazzling interceptions, and bone crushing goal-line stops. This year seems to be a little different though, we have an offense to look forward to.

The main addition to this new Bear's offense is a less known rookie named Matt Forte. He has immediately become a key part of the Bear's offense. Forte is the type of guy that you trust to carry the ball on a close third down. We have seen him bounce off of tacklers, and even break one big run for a touchdown so far this season. He has great hands, whether it be a swing pass, or him lining up in the slot. Forte is an all around running back that so far seems to be doing it all. In the beginning he looked a little shaky when trying to block for Orton, but he seems to be getting more comfortable each week.

Kyle Orton started off the season looking like a rookie. He was probably still caught up in the whole controversy which can take its toll. Within the last few games, Orton looks like he really knows what he is doing. He is leading the offense down field when they need it, and has made some great throws into tight coverage. One thing that I really like about Orton over Grossman is his ability to just take the sack. Last year, almost every time Rex Grossman was about to be sacked he would just blindly throw up a floating pass that would usually be intercepted. The "ability to take a sack" is not usually something you would look for in a quarterback, but it really can make a difference over the course of a game.

Over the past few years, the Bears have been relying mainly on their defense and special teams to score the points. I was not very optimistic about this team going into the season. Devin Hester, the main game changer over the last 2 years, has practically been a ghost on special teams this year. The fact that the Bears are still getting wins without the powerful returns of Hester shows that they mean business. After beating Philadelphia, this offense seems like it may be the real deal. The Bears look like they have a great chance to win the division this year as long as they keep playing their game.