My Thoughts on the Tommy Bowden Situation

Matt ElmoreContributor IOctober 10, 2008

OK, here are my thoughts on the whole Tommy Bowden situation.

Like all of the fans, I have had enough of the same old stuff every year and every week. We hear the hype but never see the improvement.

Tommy has just benched Cullen (a little late don't you think?) and is now bringing in Korn (finally). But part of me just sees this as a stunt to keep his job and put fans in the stands.

The Valley WILL be rockin' when Korn steps on the field, don't get me wrong, but this still doesn't solve our major problem which is...yes, you guessed it...COACHING!!!

We were a preseason No. 9 with all the talent in the NCAA, and what do we get? NOTHING, just another piss-poor year, and watching a team that is so poorly coached that we can't win a game that was handed to us.

Putting in Willy is a big step, but firing Spence will make the pain a little less powerful.

Just admit it, guys. Our offense sucks, absolutely sucks. No surprises at all. I can sit at home and call out the plays in the order we run them. I have seen that dang Bubble Screen so many times, I have nightmares about it.

How many more of our players have to get injured until he realizes "this might not be the best idea"? When will Tommy step in? The answer is "never."

Tommy is a good guy; I have met him, but he is not a good coach, and that's his job. If he has any respect for the fans or himself, he will kindly resign after the season and move on.

This season is already a wash. Just try to make a bowl, get rid of TB and rebuild. This fan base has been too patient and waited too long not to be given what we deserve.

We have backed TB in all the 10 years of hell we have been through. Hopefully, the organization or TB will see that and have the decency to move on.

If not, you will see support drop, if that's what it takes to get that dead duck out the Valley!