Why Not Come To Florida State, Trent Richardson?

Yates BoykinCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2008

Hey, my name is Trent Richardson. Over the summer I gave a "soft" verbal commitment to the University of Alabama. I look forward to playing under Nick Saban, but I am still visiting some schools. I like to keep my options open.

I will be at the upcoming Florida-LSU game this Saturday. Should be a good game. Those two teams are still on my list. The game will decide a whole lot.

A team that I have not planned on visiting is Florida State. They are making their way into the picture. I have watched some of their games this year. They need a bigger, more physical running back.

Their win last week over Miami was impressive. The running back, Antone Smith, had a huge game. He had four touchdowns. But, the bad news for FSU is: they lose Smith next year. They have a good backup in Jermaine Thomas, but I think I am better.

But it wasn't the running game that impressed me the most; it was the play of the offensive line. They handled the Miami defensive line with ease. And I think there are three freshmen and two sophomores who start on that line. Wow!

And wasn't Miami ranked like seventh in the nation in rush defense? That is pretty good. I might like to run behind that offensive line.

Oh yeah, I also really liked the aggressive play-calling by Jimbo Fisher. He knows how to run the game. It will be exciting to see what he will do once he is the head coach.

I don't know if he can get the 'Noles back to where they were in the '90s, but I guess they are showing signs of returning there.

I don't know, maybe I will check out the Seminoles at the Virginia Tech game. It is not too far from home. Tallahassee is closer to Pensacola than Tuscaloosa, I guess.

I just don't know what to do right now. I should probably just focus on my last season here at Escambia, than worry more about my decision.