TJ to SF?

Bryan McGloneContributor IOctober 10, 2008

WOW!  TJ to the 49ers trade rumors?  Hopefully, that is all it is just a rumor!  The Bengals are already having a fire sale after 5 games into the 2008 season?  Fire sale you ask? TJ is the fire of this team and there is no reason I can think of to send him on his way. Plus, who would the Bengals get for him?  Frank Gore?  Who would match his intensity on a daily basis that the 49ers have?  Answer:  NO ONE!!!!  Personally, I would trade the front office of the Bengals before TJ!

I can't believe, or maybe I can, that the Bengals have already quit this season.  Is it surprising that a heartless team is possibly letting the only pulse they have (TJ) go to SF?  As you probably noticed I am very passionate about the Bengals and have been through the up and downs since I can remember.  Would Ken Anderson have been traded for having a 0-5 start?  What about Collingsworth?  This is the type of player TJ is and as an organization you do not let that type of player go.

OK, let's say this disaster happens and now what do the Bengals do when Ocho Cinco is double and tripled teamed.  Sure, Henry and Chatman are very talented but we only have Henry for a handfull of games per year and Chatman is still young.  This team has a nucleus to win now and has been building this nucleus for about 18 years.  Why dismantle it now?  The defense has been doing its part, yes I said it!  It is time to win and win now!

I am trying to play devil's advocate and think of a reason TJ should be traded or how that would improve this team but there isn't one.  Here is an attempt, TJ is 32?  Does that really matter?  He is a rock and puts it on the line game after game.  I really am trying to be fair but this is a one sided discussion.

Basically, what I am saying is this is ridiculous and should never be a thought in the minds of the Bengals.  Also, I really hope they are not trying to top the Reds in destroying a franchise.  The Reds would be a whole other tangent that I will not get into today.