Great Scott! Charles Scott Looking for Breakout Game Against Florida Gators

TigerInGatorLandContributor IOctober 10, 2008

If there has been one player for LSU this season who has been consistently exciting to watch, it's Charles Scott.

While the passing game has been hit-or-miss with the introduction of two green QBs, the running game seems stronger than in recent memory thanks to the brutal play of Scott.

He faces his toughest test yet tomorrow, in the Swamp, against the Gators.

Charles Scott has looked no less than amazing so far this year. He has run for 535 yards on 71 attempts, with six TDs.

He has started the season posting four consecutive 100+ rushing yard games, the first player at LSU to do that since Charles Alexander in 1977.

He is the first Tiger to ever run for over 100 yards at Auburn.

He is on his way, barring injuries, to a 1,400-yard season.

Also, he and Demetrius Byrd make a fearsome singing duo.

Bravo guys, bravo.

Ok, silliness aside, back to the big matchup tomorrow.

Florida is sixth in the SEC in rush defense with 99.6 ypg allowed. This number is misleading, since the Gators allowed only 70 ypg in their first three games but have since given up 140 ypg in their past two games (Ole Miss and Arkansas).

This, added to the relative youth of the Florida defense, could spell a big day for Scott and the rest of the Tigers' running game.

Don't get me wrong, I fully expect UF to show up to play tomorrow. They are angry, alert, and ready to avenge last year's titanic struggle. It's just that even if Scott fails to live up to expectations, we still have three more potent players in our arsenal.

Look for Keiland Williams to get more touches on the ball if Scott is failing to produce. Also look out for trick plays involving Williams; he used to be a QB in high school.

Richard Murphy seems to be settled in as the third-best runner at LSU, but hopefully he will show some more of that shine he had during last year's BCSCG.

Trindon Holliday, the fastest man in college football, has been largely subdued this season, mainly because of shaky hands on the punt return team.

I hope Les can find it in his heart to give Trindon some touches on the ball tomorrow, since every time he touches it the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

My prediction:

Charles Scott has a good game with a few breakout moments but fails to rush for a fifth straight 100-yard game, but the rest of the rushing game makes up for it with solid play from Keiland Williams and a little trickery by Trindon Holliday.

The rest of the offense will suffer until Jarrett Lee finds the man-stones he had during the Auburn comeback. Somehow, I don't see that happening.

Florida in a close one, 28-24.

I hope with all that makes up my heart and soul that I am wrong. GEAUX TIGERS!!

Here are a few more Charles Scott highlights from this year for anyone that is interested.