WWE Fantasy Draft 2011: A Breath of Fresh Air

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 22, 2011

WWE Fantasy Draft 2011: A Breath of Fresh Air

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    The WWE Draft is fast approaching.

    The Draft is always exciting and full of surprises. This years draft should be no different.

    With the retirement of main event player, Edge, I expect Smackdown to get a good amount of picks and grab some household names.

    This is my fantasy WWE Draft. This slideshow will be followed by another slideshow which will contain all the post draft feuds on each show, based off my draft of course.

    Let's get started!

Sin Cara (Raw)

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    I don't know whether Sin Cara is on Smackdown or Raw. He made appearances on both shows.

    Sin Cara should be a Raw superstar for now. He had a good tag team match with John Cena and is pretty over with the crowd in only a few weeks.

    Sin Cara attacked United States Champion Sheamus upon debuting in WWE. There's a good start. Sin Cara can feud with Sheamus on Raw.

Daniel Bryan (Smackdown)

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    With Sin Cara challenging Sheamus where does Daniel Bryan go?


    He can feud with Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Since losing to Sheamus, Daniel Bryan hasn't had any big matches. He is overshadowed by the amount of star power on Raw and needs some time to grow on his own. He can find TV time and good feuds on Friday nights.

Kofi Kingston (Raw)

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    Kofi is just like Daniel Bryan only on Smackdown.

    These two guys need to switch places. Since both have lost their titles, WWE hasn't had anything for them to do.

    Perhaps a change of scenery would help Kofi rise to the top in WWE.

Ted DiBiase (Smackdown)

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    You're probably thinking, "Wait. Who's Ted DiBiase? The name sounds familiar..."

    The same Ted DiBiase that was in Legacy with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes. You know now, right?

    Ted has been sparingly used since the split of Legacy...last year!

    DiBiase is in desperate need for a switch to Smackdown. He is never on Raw and when he is he gets beat up by Triple H.

    DiBiase's former partner, Cody Rhodes, switched to Smackdown and became a star. Maybe DiBiase can follow Rhodes' footsteps and succeed on Smackdown. He certainly isn't getting the job done on Raw.

Drew McIntyre (Raw)

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    e.g. 'Chicago Blackhawks', 'Chicago Cubs'

    Let's get straight to the point.

    Drew hasn't been doing well on Smackdown. He's not involved in any feuds or anything. Then why is he "The Chosen One" if WWE has nothing for him?

    He needs a change. He needs Raw. Maybe on Raw, McIntyre can start building up his "Chosen One" gimmick again. He definitely has the in ring skills to do it.

Evan Bourne (Smackdown)

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    e.g. 'Chicago Blackhawks', 'Chicago Cubs'

    Evan Bourne recently came back from an injury. Did you know that? I can't blame you if you didn't because he only wrestled two matches and they were squash matches.

    He beat Sheamus in seconds and his last match on Raw he jobbed to Alberto Del Rio.

    Raw isn't the place for Evan Bourne, at least not yet it is. Bourne needs to go to Friday nights and make a name for himself and prove to be the credible wrestler that he is in WWE.

Alberto Del Rio (Raw)

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    I believe ADR will win the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules and take that belt to Raw with him.

    Del Rio is a top heel competitor in WWE and would be great on Raw.

    The possible feuds he can have are endless and if WWE wants to push Del Rio, what better place than Raw?

    Del Rio will bring Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez with him to Monday nights.

    I mainly want Del Rio on Raw to see a feud between him and John Cena. 

The Miz (Smackdown)

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    The Miz has defeated everyone there is on Raw.

    Randy Orton, Jerry Lawler, John Cena, et cetera. What's left for Miz to prove? He's beaten everyone there is on Raw and needs fresh, new opponents to keep things from getting stale.

    Since I believe Del Rio will take the World title with him to Raw, Miz will take the WWE title with him to Smackdown.

    Wherever Miz goes, Alex Riley goes.

    Miz can make Smackdown his show.

Brodus Clay (Raw)

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    If Del Rio does go to Raw, he'll need big Brodus more than ever. 

    Del Rio will be the new guy in new land and may need his bodyguard.

    Bottom line is, wherever Del Rio goes, Brodus goes. Clay is too green to be left alone and if WWE decides to split Clay from Del Rio, I have a feeling Clay will get buried.

    Brodus Clay needs Alberto Del Rio.

Randy Orton (Smackdown)

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    Either Randy Orton or CM Punk will get drafted to Smackdown to end their feud.

    Most believe Randy will get drafted and I agree.

    He has gotten boring on Raw. He has nothing to do there while John Cena is in the title hunt. Cena and Orton can't be champions at the same time, so WWE will send Randy to Friday nights where he has a chance of winning some gold.

    It wouldn't hurt if WWE drafted a new gimmick for Orton either.

"It Doesn't Matter What Your Trade Is!"

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    The Rock made the catchphrase, "It doesn't matter what your name is!" popular. I took that phrase, switched name with trade. 

    This is a list of people who may get traded but wouldn't matter because they wouldn't have such a big impact or WWE will continue to misuse or not use the superstar at all.

    Zack Ryder

    The Great Khali

    Yoshi Tatsu

    Curt Hawkins

    Alicia Fox

    Mark Henry

    Chavo Guererro

    DH Smith

    David Otunga

    The Usos


    Michael Tarver


    Trent Barreta

    Tyler Reks

    Tyson Kidd

    Vladimir Kozlov

More Picks for Smackdown

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    Alex Riley:


    Like Brodus Clay, I think Riley needs Miz and Miz needs Riley so it works out. Riley is Miz's associate and helped Miz retain his gold on several occasions. If Riley went solo right now, I think he'd be buried.


    Michael McGillicutty:


    McGillicutty was my instant favorite in NXT season two. I knew Kaval was the fan favorite and was going to win the contest but I was rooting for McGillicutty.

    Michael just needs to break apart from Nexus and start his own singles career in WWE. He is good in the ring and can make for a good mid card champion.


    Zack Ryder:


    He is never on Raw and the Zack Pack wants to see him in action. Triple H doesn't believe in Ryder though. I say, Triple H, give Ryder a chance. Put him on Smackdown and let him prove you wrong.

    Woo Woo Woo You Know It. 

Smackdown Roster

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    This would be my Smackdown roster:


    Alex Riley

    Beth Phoenix 

    Big Show

    Chavo Guerrero

    Chris Masters


    Cody Rhodes

    Curt Hawkins

    Daniel Bryan

    Ezekiel Jackson

    Heath Slater

    Jack Swagger


    Justin Gabriel


    Kelly Kelly


    Michael McGillicutty

    Michael Tarver

    Michelle McCool

    Randy Orton

    Rey Mysterio


    Trent Barreta

    Tyler Reks

    The Miz

    The Undertaker

    The Usos

    Wade Barrett

    Zack Ryder

Raw Roster

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    Here is my Raw roster:


    Alberto Del Rio

    Alicia Fox

    Brie Bella

    Brodus Clay

    CM Punk

    DH Smith

    David Otunga

    Dolph Ziggler

    Drew McIntyre


    Gail Kim 


    Husky Harris

    John Cena

    John Morrison

    Kofi Kingston

    Mark Henry


    Mason Ryan



    Nikki Bella


    R - Truth

    Santino Marella

    Sin Cara

    Skip Sheffield


    Great Khali

    Triple H

    Tyson Kidd

    Vladimir Kozlov

    William Regal

    Yoshi Tatsu