WWE Draft 2011: Superstars That Could Move and Potential Storylines

Aron NaylorContributor IIApril 22, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: Superstars That Could Move and Potential Storylines

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    Hey guys, Monday Night Raw sure is going to be exciting. We have a live draft coming straight too our homes so that we can watch the action unfold live and as it happens, but is the 2011 draft going to be a success or a failure? Well, I personally think we are going to see some pretty predictable moves for some superstars, but on the other hand, I think we are in store for a few surprises along the way. 

Randy Orton: Smackdown

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    Randy is a common prediction for the draft on Monday Night, I believe it is time to move The Viper to Fright Nights so he can boost the amount of faces SmackDown has.


    Storyline Prediction: I can see a feud with Alberto Del Rio on the cards or failure if he ends up having a feud with his old legacy teammate Cody Rhodes. 

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel: Raw

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    The Corre has been in disarray for the past few weeks on SmackDown. I believe the creative team is going to split these guys up to give both Wade Barrett and Big Zeke the individual exposure they need to develop and Justin and Heath more in-ring time as a duo on Raw.

    Predicted Storyline: We could possibly see a feud between these guys and Santino plus Vladimir when he returns.

Sin Cara: SmackDown

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    We have seen Sin Cara on both Raw and SmackDown the past few weeks, but I believe he is going to stay on SmackDown for the foreseeable future. The main reason? SmackDown needs more faces.

    Predicted Storyline: Possibly a feud with Brodus Clay if the creative team wants to get him into a bit of heat with Alberto or failing that with possibly Wade Barrett.

Rey Mysterio: Raw

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    I believe this one is set in stone along with the Orton move to SmackDown. I believe they are going to swap these two superstars to add a bit of variety to the rosters.


    Predicted Storyline: Maybe a feud with Sheamus for the US Title or a more likely feud with C.M Punk; these guys had quite the battle last year which ended in C.M Punk being bald! 

Ted DiBiase: SmackDown

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    DiBiase has been in the gutter for as long as I can remember on Raw. I think it's time they move him to SmackDown and turn him face.

    Predicted Storyline: I see a feud between DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, and that could be one entertaining lineup.

Michael Cole: SmackDown

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    I can see Cole being moved to SmackDown permanently and the feud between Lawler and Cole ending at Extreme Rules. We could quite possibly see the return of J.R on Raw.

Thanks for Reading

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    As always, let me know your opinions in the comments below and let;s hope the 2011 draft is a one to remember.