Happy 39th Birthday Brett- His Top Plays

Kristin HamlinSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2008

This is just a fun article to honor an amazing athlete on his birthday.

For anyone that wants to argue with this article...Well, I guess you will be arguing with stats and true statements so have fun with that one.

Brett is 39 years old today. Obviously it’s a no-brainer that I decided to base my article on the 39 greatest memories he gave to his fans and the milestones he had.

1. Feb 10, 1992. The day Favre signed with GB, Football fanatics and Packer fans had no idea what they were in for—I am pretty sure some of their mouths are still left hanging open in awe.

2. In his third game of the 1992 season, Brett made quite the impression. He took over QB after the starting QB was injured. Brett fumbled four times and the crowd was chanting for him to get off the field. He ended up turning around the game and his performance for his first come-from-behind win with 13 seconds remaining.

3. 1993 season- Brett became the most accurate career passer in Packers history. Pretty good for a guy that had only been with this team for a year.

4. 1993- Brett’s 3,303 passing yards were second in the NFC next to Steve Young.

5. 1993-TRUE Packers fans will remember this play. It was the NFC Wild Card playoff game in Detroit. GB was trailing 24-21 with a minute left. Brett made an across –the-body throw from extreme left to extreme right. He completed the throw to Sharpe for a TD, winning the game. That was just the first of many game winning throws by the Favre Man.

6. December 18, 1994 – With Packers needing a victory to keep its playoff hopes alive, Brett came from behind with 1:58 left. He had a 67-yard drive, ending it with his diving, nine yard TD run, giving the Packers the win. This just doesn’t get old

7. 1995- Led the NFC with a 99.5 passer rating.

8. 1995-Brett led his team to the NFC Championship for the first time since 1967.

9. 1995-He won his first AP MVP award

10. November 12, 1995- Playing with a sprained ankle, Favre tossed five TD passes to beat the Chicago Bears. I remember that game. Such a good one!

11. December 24, 1995- Packers/Steelers game. Brett was hit hard by not one but three Steeler defenders. The Packers called a time-out and Favre, who coughed up blood during that time-out, returned for the next play, in which he threw a one YD touchdown. We can debate his retirement all we want. We can’t debate his heart, his toughness and his tenacity.

12. One of my favorite memories. Almost seemed scripted for a movie right out of Hollywood. It was back in May of 1996 and Favre was in treatment for the addiction to Vicodin. Rumors started flying that he would never come back from this.

Brett released this statement. “You know, I’m going to beat this thing. I’m going to win a Super Bowl. And all I can tell people if they don’t believe me is, ‘Just bet against me.’”.

Brett won the Super Bowl the following season.

13. 1996-Brett takes his team to the Super Bowl where they upset the Patriots 35-21. Brett was again named MVP.

14. 1997-Brett Favre vs. John Elway. Enough said. Great memory even with the loss.

15. 1998- Led the NFL in both passing yards (4,212) and completions (347).

16. September 26, 1999- Packers vs Minnesota- Facing 4th and one with no time-outs and only seconds remaining, Favre threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Corey Bradford to give the Packers a 23-20 win.

17. November 6, 2000- Favre made an improbable heave to Antonio Freeman, who made a juggling catch while on his back, then got up and ran it in for a touchdown clinching the overtime win. See attached video. I can’t stop watching it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_dQrqiFIKI

18. Dec. 24, 2000-Favre throws for 289 yards and two touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite having a six-foot steel girder protruding from his abdomen.

19. October 14, 2001- Favre took on one of the NFL’s best defense and embarrassed them, completing 27 of 32 and passing for 337 yards to help the Packers defeat the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

20. Jan. 13, 2002 - Favre completed 22 of 29 passes for 269 yards and two touchdowns for a passer rating of 112.6 in a wild-card win over San Francisco. The Packers trailed at halftime, but Favre was brilliant in the second half of the 25-15 victory.

21. 2002- Chosen NFL Player of the Year by Sports Illustrated.

22. December 22, 2003 – One of his greatest games. Brett’s father died just days before and Brett elected to play anyway. He threw for four touchdowns in the first half, even receiving applause from “Raider Nation.” He later won an ESPY award for his performance in that game.

23. October 3, 2004 – Packers vs Giants. Brett was playing with a softball-sized bruise on his left hamstring. No biggie, right? Well on the first drive in the 3rd quarter, Brett received a concussion when two Giants players fell on top of him. He then returned TWO plays later to throw a 28-yard TD. Is this man even human?

24. September 24,2006 – Brett became the first player ever to complete 5,000 passes

25. 2006- Became the NFL’s all-time leader in pass completions.

26. September 16, 2007- Packers defeat the Giants giving Favre his 149th career win, passing John Elway.

27. Sept. 23, 2007 With the Packers trailing by four points late in the fourth quarter, Favre throws a 57-yard TD pass to Greg Jennings for the go-ahead score. It was the 420th touchdown pass in Favre's career, tying Dan Marino for the all-time record.

28. September 30, 2007- Brett sets the all time record, throwing his 421st NFL touchdown. Did I mention this was eleven years after his Super Bowl performance?

29. Nov. 18, 2007- With a short underhand toss to running back Ryan Grant, Favre becomes the NFL's all-time leader with 15,000 shovel-passing yards

30. 2007- Surpassed the 4,000 yards passing mark for the fifth time in his career. By far his best year yet. Overrated huh?

31. March 4, 2008 – Brett announces his retirement. His agent Bus Cook stated Favre did not get the impression from the Packers that they wanted him back.

32. August 4, 2008- Favre is reinstated into the NFL. This may not have been a good memory for many of you, but it was a big decision and I am glad he followed his heart independent of the consequences.

33. August 7, 2008- Favre traded to the NY Jets. Even I had a tough time knowing he wouldn’t be in green and yellow anymore.

34. August 2008-Favre left Green Bay with these words, "I always wanted to be a Packer," he said. "I think I'll always be a Packer. People will say it was the best 16 years. I think it was made clear this  off-season that they were moving forward—that's OK —it's time for me to move forward."

It was by far, the best 16 years I ever watched. Thank you Brett. Thank you for the memories.

35. September 7, 2008-For those of you that said Rodgers had a better first NFL start than Brett—here are the facts: In Brett’s first start in the NFL with the Packers, he threw for 210 yards completing 14 out of 19. Rodgers threw for 178 yards completing 18 out of 22. Do the math.

36. Sept 28, 2008- Brett throws six touchdowns setting an all time personal record for himself, coming one touchdown shy of an NFL record. To say I didn't have a "Tom Cruise moment on Oprah" would be a lie.

37. Has started in 257 consecutive games. (279 including playoffs)

38. Has the most AP MVP awards of any other football player (3)

39. I will save number 39 for when Brett makes the play-offs this year. Hey I can be hopeful can’t I?

Thanks again Brett for playing your heart out in every game and making football a little bit more exciting every time you step on the field.

For those of you that claims Brett is overrated, I challenge you to give me 39 reasons why you think so.  I mean, that's fair, right?  Heck, give me ten reasons. 

The only argument you ever give me is how he threw too many interceptions and he was worthless from 2003-2006.  Funny though, how he was still breaking records during those years. 

He was an exceptional leader.  He couldn't take his team to the play-offs every year.  Sometimes he needed them to take him. 

 Happy Birthday Brett


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