WWE Draft 2011: The Miz and Alberto Del Rio Switching Shows as Champions?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IApril 22, 2011

Nick Paglino from Wrestlezone.com is reporting that WWE has discussed the idea of Alberto Del Rio winning the world heavyweight title and moving to Raw, while The Miz would move to Smackdown with the WWE championship.

The idea behind this would be to set up Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena at SummerSlam for the world heavyweight title. 


My Take

This is not a bad idea, in my opinion, but I am always a fan of keeping the WWE championship on the No. 1 show.

It would give a new cast of people for The Miz to feud with and could help develop him even further in the ring, since Smackdown focuses more on wrestling.

In addition to needing a top face, which many have speculated will be Randy Orton, Smackdown needs someone to also fill all of the promo time that Edge got, which could end up being the Miz.

I would be disappointed to see The Miz leave Raw because I have grown to like him, but if Alberto Del Rio is going to be a huge star like the WWE has planned for The Miz, he needs to be on the top show at some point.

What better way to get him top exposure than to have him feud with the biggest superstar in WWE, John Cena?

More information to come as available.


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