WWE Draft 2011: Musical Chairs: Who Gets a New Chair and Who's Left Standing?

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIApril 22, 2011

As we all know, the WWE Draft 2011 is scheduled to take place this Monday, the 25th of April. It has been well documented that this year's draft is being rushed due to Edge's sudden retirement.

For once, I have to agree with WWE. They made the right call on this one. There is a huge imbalance between talent distribution on the rosters and it needs to be corrected.

With that announcement, the buzz about the draft began. I think I should give my two cents so here goes.

(I will presume that Undertaker and Triple H are not going to be part of the draft as they are currently on a hiatus and will presumably appear sparingly from here on out.)


1) Alberto Del Rio to Raw

Del Rio has the potential to carry WWE for many years to come and is considered a top man by Vince McMahon.

Anybody thought of in this way inevitably ends up on the flagship show, so why delay?

Rumour has it that he will win the World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules, so my money is on him carrying the belt to Raw and having some very interesting feuds with guys like Cena, Punk etc.


2) The Miz to Smackdown

I don't think The Miz has been given enough chances to solidify himself as a top player on Raw, largely due to poor booking.

My money is on Miz getting drafted to Smackdown and really becoming a dominant main eventer with proper credibility and more clean victories than he has had on Raw.

Whether or not he brings the WWE Title with him or not remains to be seen.

I could see Cena winning it and challenging Del Rio in a unification match at SummerSlam but that's just my thoughts!

Most likely, he will retain and carry the belt to Smackdown with him. Either that, or my next draftee will do the very same.


3) John Morrison to Smackdown

Whether he wins the WWE Title at Extreme Rules or not, I think Morrison is a shoe-in to return to the blue brand.

He came close to a World Championship there and if he returns, I see him becoming a top babyface.

Ideally, Miz carries the belt over after a screwjob finish on Morrison, then Morrison gets drafted over and they enter a long rivalry through SummerSlam.


4) McIntyre to Raw

''The Chosen One'' has done little to impress on Smackdown in recent times. A move to Raw would provide new opportunities and possibly that breakthrough moment.


5) Mysterio to Raw, Sin Cara to Smackdown.

Only one reason for this. Mysterio has been working the WWE style a lot longer than Cara and is less likely to botch moves due to nervousness.

Cara will perform better and build his confidence on a taped show where there is less pressure.

The Hispanic demographic shouldn't suffer either as both shows will have a Mexican talent.


6) Sheamus to Smackdown, Tyler Reks* to Raw

One powerhouse for another. Both men have been in limbo for the last few months with little emphasis being put on their characters.

Sheamus is in desperate need of a boost of confidence and needs to seriously regain some credibility and Smackdown is the place for that.

Reks has potential and a move to Raw and some guidance from CM Punk could see that potential utilised in a better manner.


7) Wade Barrett and Rhodes to Raw

With Sheamus bringing the United States Title to Smackdown, and The Corre being a flop, a move to Raw is the best solution for Barrett.

Although I would be against it, I could see a face turn and a feud with CM Punk, with Barrett siding with Randy Orton(should he remain on Raw).

I've enjoyed Rhodes recent work on Smackdown and I think a move to Raw would make the show a whole lot more interesting


8) Bryan* & Bourne* to Smackdown

Again, a man with serious talent, a pure wrestler who is being wasted on an entertainment show.

A move to the blue brand, the show with more focus on wrestling, simply has to happen.

Bourne, on the other hand, has been utilised poorly since he arrived. A move to Smackdown, along with a few killer matches with Sin Cara, would be a welcome refreshment.


9) Randy Orton to Smackdown

I'm not as confident of this happening as others are, but it's now or never for an Orton move to Smackdown.

Personally, this is probably the best opportunity WWE will have to send Orton to Smackdown, not to mention the one that would make most sense.

Orton leaving Raw would fill the gap on Smackdown while also leaving a gap on Raw, one I think would be filled by a returning Chris Jericho.

I would prefer for Orton to stay on Raw as somebody as prominent as him will never get lost in the shuffle.

My concern with a move to Smackdown is that he would probably suffocate the rise of Morrison or Christian or somebody else.


10) Ted DiBiase* and Mark Henry* to Smackdown

A heel turn for Henry would breathe new life into his character and it would strengthen the heel side of things on Smackdown.

I also see DiBiase going to Smackdown simply because he hasn't caught a break on Raw.


The Future Endeavoured List

I would expect a truck load of developmental releases, with the following main roster talents getting the boot: The Usos, Yoshi Tatsu, Primo, Michael Tarver, Zack Ryder(unfortunately) and Husky Harris.


So, here's a look at the most prominent members of each roster after my draft:


Raw's Main Faces

Cena, Mysterio, Swagger(after a face turn), Big Show, Kane, Santino and a returning Jericho.


Raw's Main Heels

Del Rio, Punk, Ziggler, Barrett, Nexus, McIntyre, Rhodes.


Smackdown's Main Faces

Christian, Morrison, Orton, Kingston, Bryan, Sin Cara, Big Show, Kane.


Smackdown's Main Heels

Miz, Sheamus, Riley, whats left of The Corre, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Ted Dibiase.


Given that it's only a two hour show, I wouldn't expect all of these moves to take place on television.

The moves with an asterisk next to them are my moves that I think will feature in the Supplemental Draft.

Also, we may see a re-vamp of the recent system of competing in matches to win a draft pick due to time constraints.

We may get something like the General Manager gets one free pick each or something like that.

Well, they're my picks. Hope you enjoyed reading my article. I'll try to answer as many comments as possible.

Until next time!


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