WWE Draft 2011: Randy Orton for Rey Mysterio, a Likely Trade for This Monday

Luis HerreraAnalyst IApril 22, 2011

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

After the WrestleMania hangover, the WWE draft works as a kick-off to a new “season” in the company, allowing the WWE Universe to move on from old feuds and create new combinations for potential storylines.

The past seven editions of the draft have given plenty of surprises down the years.

We saw Triple H drafted to Smackdown in 2004, only to return to Raw a couple of weeks later.

The WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship switched brands when John Cena and Batista were exchanged in 2005. In 2009, seven of nine belts moved from one brand to the other.

Last year, there were no champions switching rosters, but we had our share of surprises when Edge and Chris Jericho left Smackdown to reinforce Raw.

What could happen this year? Let’s take a look at 10 moves that would make sense.


1. Randy Orton to Smackdown

Considering the last draft gave Raw much more star power and Smackdown has, it seems, been relegated to the B-show in the past months (including WrestleMania), it seems hard to believe that one of the top faces in the WWE would change red for blue.

However, this would be a terrific move.

Now that Edge has retired and Undertaker is not expected to return soon, Smackdown is in desperate need of a top face.

On the other hand, Raw is John Cena’s show and having Randy Orton play the No. 2 face is just a waste.


2. Rey Mysterio to Raw

Of course, Raw can’t just let Randy Orton go without getting something almost as big in exchange.

Rey Mysterio is the perfect asset to trade for Orton.

The Master of the 619 is still a huge draw (probably even bigger than Orton), so he can easily fill the No. 2 face role.

Unlike Orton, Mysterio doesn’t need to be constantly involved in the WWE Championship discussion, either.

He already helped push Cody Rhodes and can now do the same for other young stars.

What's more, there is the inevitable storyline with Sin Cara.


3. Drew McIntyre to Raw

The Sinister Scotsman has lost all his momentum on Smackdown, going from Intercontinental and Tag-Team champion to a jobber for the top faces.

A change of scenario should allow him to recover and start new feuds.


4. Zach Ryder to Smackdown

The newest IWG Golden Boy only appears on Raw when Snooki is in the house or John Cena sneaks him into his promo.

Ryder is doing well on Superstars and should receive a chance to prove himself on the blue brand.


5. Maryse to Smackdown

Despite Raw having more Divas on their roster, the female storylines were consistently better on Smackdown during the past year, even by always having LayCool involved.

Maryse has lost almost a year in a “relationship” with Ted DiBiase that went nowhere and it’s time for her to get a fresh start.

She could actually arrive on Smackdown as a face, just like Big Show last year, taking advantage of his break up with the Fortunate Son.


6. Melina to Smackdown

If Maryse goes to Smackdown as a face, it would make sense to also send a heel—especially considering Layla will likely turn face after splitting with Michelle McCool.

Melina is only making headlines in Raw for being detrimental to John Morrison’s career. The WWE could make a wise move by sending her to the other brand, where she could actually focus on wrestling.


7. Theodore Long to Raw

I’m probably one of the few fans that don’t hate the anonymous Raw General Manager. I think it was an upgrade over the guest host concept and it helped to develop Michael Cole’s character.

However, I agree that it’s time for it to end—so why not let Teddy Long run the A-show for a while?


8. Daniel Bryan to Smackdown

In general terms, Daniel Bryan had a decent first year in the WWE, having held the United States Championship for a while but having lacked any good storyline.

He should have better chances to shine on Smackdown, where he could have more TV time and better matches week to week.


9. Chavo Guerrero to Raw

We all know that Chavo is a very talented wrestler, but he has been underutilized in year's past.

The arrival of Sin Cara to the WWE could be a window of opportunity for Guerrero, who could be an excellent opponent for the Mexican star. Almost all the heels on the Raw roster are far from good fits for him.


10. Sheamus to Smackdown

Despite holding the United States Championship, the Celtic Warrior needs a change of scenery to recover the momentum he's lost in recent months.

It’s clear Sheamus won’t return to the main event at any point soon on Raw, so he could be better used in Smackdown.


11. Evan Bourne to Smackdown

At this point, you've probably noticed that this is not an “even” draft—with many more stars going to Smackdown than to Raw.

The reason for this is that right now, there are almost 50 percent more wrestlers on the Raw roster than on the Smackdown roster.

Evan Bourne is one of those stars that's been affected by the overpopulation on the red brand. He would have much more TV time on Smackdown.


12. Triple H to Smackdown

For Vince McMahon, one of the priorities in the draft is having big names switching brands.

Well, right now, the WWE doesn’t have many big names.

Triple H isn't exactly making regular appearances on Raw, so it's not like this would affect the A-show.

What's more, it could be crucial in restarting his feud with the Undertaker, should he return for SummerSlam instead of waiting until WrestleMania 28.


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