Kimbo May Not Have Fought Ken, But He Almost Fought Frank

Mike LeanzaAnalyst IOctober 10, 2008

By now I think we're all sick of hearing about the debacle that was Kimbo/Ken. Ken Shamrock got himself cut and was unable to fight Kimbo Slice. Seth Petruzelli steps in and, according to whoever the Elite XC announcer was, wins the biggest upset in MMA history.

Yeah, maybe to all the Kimbo Slice fans that had no idea how bad Kimbo really was. But according to Frank Shamrock, Kimbo could have fought a Shamrock that night. That Shamrock was Frank.

In an interview with, Frank claims when he heard the news about Ken's inability to fight, he offered himself as the replacement. He even goes as far as saying he got approval from Florida State Athletic Commission to fight Kimbo as a heavyweight. If this is true, I just gained a whole lot more respect for Frank, and lost that last drop of respect for Elite XC.

Frank claimed that it would have been an awesome storyline if the fight had gone down. Think about it, big brother goes down and little brother steps up to fight the big bully. Frank was wrong saying it would have been a good storyline; it would have been the greatest storyline in MMA history.

Let's look at what would have happened if Jared Shaw gave Frank the green light. When Kimbo walks into the arena and realizes he's fighting the good Shamrock, he does a complete 180 and starts toward the exit. Jared Shaw gives Kimbo an extra $250,000 to please his baby boy and Kimbo reluctantly agrees. Then Jared Shaw gives $100,000 to Frank to not murder Kimbo being that the event is on CBS.

When Kimbo first sees Frank across the cage from him, he tries to hide the fear behind that huge chin cushion, but we can all sense that Kimbo is about one angry face from Frank away from going No. 2 in his trunks. The bell rings and we see the exact opposite Kimbo as we saw against Seth. Instead of Kimbo rushing in, he slowly walks forward as not to threaten the beast.

Sometime in the first round Frank throws a short jab and drops Kimbo. But Frank doesn't go for the TKO. No, he saves Kimbo's career and submits the internet sensation while Jared Shaw wipes the sweat off of his drenched forehead. This sets the stage for Frank/Ken, a dream match that both men have wanted for their entire careers. But we'll save that for another time.

Elite XC made a Hong Man Choi sized mistake in not allowing Frank to step in for his adoptive brother. As soon as that fight would have been announced, Elite XC would have seen every hardcore MMA fan that couldn't stand to watch Ken Shamrock possibly lose again immediately tune in to watch Frank easily dispose of the over-hyped behemoth, Kevin Ferguson.

Yes, I called him Kevin Ferguson, reason being that nobody with the talent level of Ferguson deserves to be given an entirely different name. From now on, he will be known as Kevin Ferguson.

Had Frank defeated Ferguson, it would have saved Kevin's career. If I just lost you with that, let me explain my reasoning. If Frank Shamrock would have defeated Kevin, nobody would have been surprised, and he probably would have gained my respect for taking a fight with guy of that caliber on short notice.

Also, Frank Shamrock has garnered 13 of his 23 wins by submission. Had Frank submitted Ferguson, nobody would have been surprised, and we'd all still see him as the stand up brawler that the YouTube videos led us to believe he was. Instead, we all see Kevin's beard as a shield covering up what seems to be a glass chin.

I honestly thought that I had lost all possible respect for Elite XC and what the organization had done with its overhype of Kevin Ferguson, but with what Frank Shamrock just revealed, I can only hope for the sake of Elite XCs survival, that no other skeletons come out of its closet.