Enough World Series, Can We Agree?

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Enough World Series, Can We Agree?
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Enough World Series events, already! Okay?

Stan Silliman is on his soapbox again. I swore to retire it as soon as I used the last bar of soap but this proliferation of World Series events forced me to drag it out from under the bed.

Can we agree?

Or do you like the poker and the diving and the foosball and the tiddlywinks and the rodeo and the comedy and the whatever coat tailing baseball for whatever event deemed worthy of it's own special "World Series"?

It's like our national past time never bothered to trade mark their yearly fall event.

Didn't Baseball ever hear of ... uh... one of those thingees?

You know what I mean? Those thingees? With their pinstripe suits, and their briefcases... and their vocabularies... and their law degrees?

Lawyers, for crying out loud!

Couldn't Baseball afford one of those?

Is not like their average employee is making $ 3.4 million dollars a year. Oh wait, it is. Still you'd think they could afford one or two of those attorney thingees

Couldn't they? Couldn't they protect the name of their eagerly awaited fall event?

To answer those questions and explore all possible other series we're using something called "slide shows."  I hope the word "slide show" isn't trademarked.

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