Dolph Ziggler: Losing the Fight Against Pro Wrestling Mediocrity

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IApril 21, 2011


Dolph Ziggler has potential. Dolph Ziggler may have the most potential of any superstar not yet a regular staple of the main event. And at age 30, admittedly not the youngest of superstars, he has at least 10 years of wrestling left in him.

He has all the tools: Phenomenal in-ring abilities (as displayed in his matches with Kofi Kingston and John Morrison) and good, if unconvincing, mic skills (despite rarely having the chance to show it). It looked as if he was preparing to ascend to the top. A World Heavyweight Championship feud with Edge would last for a couple of months.

It was a decent feud that resulted in Ziggler's first official world title run, although it would only last for 20 minutes. We learned that Dolph could handle a main-event feud. WWE had the chance to make him a star. Dolph always had the problem of maintaining his own identity. His step up from Intercontinental Champion to the main-event of Smackdown can be credited to Vicky Guerrero. Vicky has been Dolph's mouthpiece for months, and all of the heat Dolph has is essentially Vicky's heat. She is one of the most hated characters in the WWE right now, and it always appears as if the WWE Universe hates Dolph because they hate Vicky.

Coming off the feud with Edge and having a fresh start as the newest RAW superstar, Dolph could have broken away from Vicky and stand on his own two feet. Dolph's character was too generic, and getting rid of Vicky could have allowed the creative team to alter it and allow the WWE Universe to know Dolph, either as a face or a heel.

So how did the WWE drop the ball on this one?

They made Dolph even more average than he already was. This past Monday on RAW Dolph showed up, heat magnet Vicky Guerrero in tow, with short brown hair, professing to have a new, more serious attitude.

So that's how the creative team plans to make Dolph a main-eventer? An even more generic character, average haircut and worst of all, failing to separate him from Vicky Guerrero? The person who once helped push Dolph to the main event is now the one holding him back. The annual draft on RAW next week provides an opportunity to separate them and let Dolph strike out on his own.

In a year when the WWE needs young stars to step up, Ziggler is moving in the wrong direction. Hopefully WWE will realize their mistakes, fix them and give Dolph Ziggler a push that will cement his main-event status.

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