SPL Power Rankings and Premiership Index (1/16/2008)

Mark MyersAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2008

Power Rankings provide a calculation of relative team strength based on their performance to date.

The strongest team is given a strength of 0.0 and all remaining team strengths are relative to this standard.

The difference between two teams' scores indicates the expected average goal differential in a series of neutral-field games played between the two sides.

The Premiership Index for each team gives the probability (expressed as a percentage) that the team will finish the season at the top of the table.

These probabilities are calculated by simulating the remainder of the season while taking into account team strength, home-field advantage, and historical trends.


TeamPower RankingPremiership Index
Glasgow Rangers0.0077.62
Celtic Glasgow-0.0122.38
Caledonian Thistle-0.940.00
Motherwell FC-1.180.00
Dundee United-1.190.00
Aberdeen FC-1.210.00
Falkirk FC-1.310.00
Hearts of Midlothian-1.560.00
Kilmarnock FC-1.730.00
St. Mirren-2.250.00



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