WWE: 8 Subtle Changes That Would Immediately Enhance the Product

Rob PicarielloCorrespondent IApril 21, 2011

WWE: 8 Subtle Changes That Would Immediately Enhance the Product

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    There have been plenty of articles out there explaining what the WWE should do during their upcoming draft next week on RAW.

    Whether it's keep Superstar X on one show or send Superstar Y to the other show.

    While that's all well and good I believe that with only a handful of very subtle changes, the WWE could enhance their overall product and make the entertainment a lot more interesting.

    As always these are just one man's opinions, so feel free to disagree.

    Here are eight changes that honestly, wouldn't take a whole lot of work to make happen but would certainly grab my attention... 

1. Eliminate One Pay-Per-View

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    In 2011 there will be 13 Pay-Per-Views. That number just seems to be too many. The story-lines between them often seem rushed (as evidenced by the WrestleMania rematches at this year's Extreme Rules) and the big problem is that they tend to be too expensive for most people.

    I'm not expecting the WWE to go back to the early 1990s and only produce four per year but I don't think it's too much to ask to produce one per month. This year alone there will be two PPV's in both May and October. It just isn't possible to establish fresh story-lines in 3 weeks time.

    The easy fix is to eliminate the Money In The Bank PPV. WrestleMania 27 certainly disappointed the majority of wrestling fans and one of the big reasons why was the lack of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. I for one enjoy the element of surprise when only one person is holding the briefcase and can strike at any moment on either show.

    That would leave the WWE with 12 Pay-Per-Views and could produce one per month. That seems more than fair.

2. Unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships

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    This is another topic that has been talked about a lot.

    There's definitely pros and cons to unifying the titles but one thing it most certainly does is bring prestige back to being the champion.

    Title Unification would also allow the WWE World Champion to compete on both RAW and SmackDown. This would keep the main event wrestlers on both shows very involved and give viewers a reason to watch both shows.

    I personally don't think you lose anything by unifying the titles. This would keep the main event at each Pay-Per View fresh and even have the potential to have the WWE World Title defended on RAW and SmackDown.

    It also allows the opportunity for more wrestlers to be involved in the mid-card title scene and bring meaning back to the Intercontinental and U.S. Titles as well.

    Speaking of the IC Title... 

3. Bring Back the Old Design of the Intercontinental Title

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    I don't know if it's just me but when the championship belt had this design it just felt like it meant more.

    Wrestlers like Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels held this title when it mattered and the design brings me back to those days when it was a big deal to be the Intercontinental Champion.

4. Put More Emphasis on the Tag Team Division

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    I know this is another topic that has been discussed ad nauseum but I have a slightly different reason why it makes sense to improve the Tag Team division.

    By unifying the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles that would leave more wrestlers vying for just one championship. It only makes sense to have some of the other wrestlers build up a relationship as a Tag Team and go after the titles.

    WWE has started to do this by having Big Show and Kane unite as a team but I also think it would give a spot to guys like Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, The Usos, The Nexus guys and even guys like Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. Those two would make a fantastic team. 

5. Separate the Commentators

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    We are all hoping that between the Draft and Extreme Rules the feud between Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross and Michael Cole will end.

    I know a lot of people don't like Cole but I think he is a fantastic heel announcer. He would be wasted as a manager so I think it only makes sense to have him exclusively announce on SmackDown.

    If we could end up with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross on RAW and Michael Cole and Josh Mathews on SmackDown it would be a win-win for everyone. That includes getting rid of Booker T. Outside of promoting Tough Enough I'm not really sure why he's there. He brings nothing to the table and is a brutal commentator. 

6. Bring Back the Television Title

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    Bringing back the TV title would give the fans another way to watch the lower card guys, who have loads of talent, be involved in meaningful matches.

    Unifying the main championships leaves the WWE with some wiggle room to bring this belt back.

    I'm not saying it has to be defended every week on either RAW or SmackDown but it could definitely generate some more interest to the Internet shows.

    Let's say someone like Ted DiBiase is the TV Champion (hell, they could even rename it the TV/Internet Title). He could defend the title on Superstars or even against an NXT Rookie.

    I for one am not watching the Internet shows but by giving them a champion it might make me at least check the website and watch the 5-10 minute match for the belt.

7. Strike a Deal with Netflix

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    Similar to what the WWE has with their 'Classics On Demand' channel, WWE could benefit greatly from some sort of Netflix deal.

    Slowly, some new WWE DVD's have been included into the Netflix library but if they could somehow get the majority of their programming 'Watch Instantly' I believe it would generate far more traffic than the On-Demand channel.

    I'm not asking for unrealistic things like this year's Pay-Per-Views immediately available on Netflix but if I want to go watch the 1994 Royal Rumble or something like that, it would be very convenient to be able to watch it instantly on Netflix.

    If I can watch every single episode from 24 instantly on my laptop or iPad, there must be a way to get old school WWE classics on there.

8. Build a Physical Hall of Fame for Me to Visit

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    I know that there was talk for this to happen when Shane McMahon was still involved with WWE but I haven't seen much movement since then.

    It would be fascinating to walk into a WWE Hall of Fame building and check out the old memorabilia and video footage of matches from different periods of time.

    Walking into a room with plaques dedicated to the greats like Bob Uecker, Pete Rose and Drew Carey would be quite the sight to see (kidding).

    But in all seriousness, one building where I could revisit the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes etc. would be a day that I would never forget. It's like being a kid and wanting to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame to see all the greats.

    This HAS to happen at some point and I hope it's in the works. It just doesn't make any sense to have this ceremony every year and not have a place to go visit and celebrate their accomplishments.

That's All Folks

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    That's all I've got.

    Feel free to agree or disagree with my ideas and post some of your own in the comments section.

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