WWE Draft 2011: Top 20 Superstars Who Will Be on the Move

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 21, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: Top 20 Superstars Who Will Be on the Move

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    Unless you're living under a rock as a wrestling, er, entertainment fan these days, you know the annual WWE Draft is coming up this Monday Night on WWE RAW. Every year it seems something big happens, but it's not realized until later.

    The Miz for example split from John Morrison at a WWE Draft and became one of the hottest young names in the WWE. Now. he is WWE Champion.

    Jeff Hardy moved to SmackDown and went on to win 3 World Championships, and CM Punk also got in on the action and became a big name in the WWE through the Draft.

    Case in point, the WWE Draft is sometimes the start of a man or woman's career, so, this year, I feel we will see the same thing unfold.

    This year is a bit different from years past. All WWE programming is on cable, something we thought would never happen. SmackDown and RAW, the two top shows, are now on cable and doing well, and WWE is said to be reloading SmackDown because of the move so SyFy. Also, with the departure of Edge, there is a heavy need for a big name to move to SmackDown.

    Will we see shockers this year? Possibly! Especially this year.

    Here are my top 20 guys/gals, that could be on the move to another show. Now I did not do this in a certain type of order, not all of these could happen this Monday, as it would kind of make no sense once you see the slides. It's simply possibilities.

Move No. 20: Lay-Cool Split, One to RAW

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    The WWE Draft isn't shy about breaking up alliances or tag teams. We've seen Triple H drafted to SmackDown while in Evolution, Cody Rhodes sent to SmackDown right after the Legacy break up, and Miz going to RAW while his partner Morrison was still a member of ECW.

    So, this wouldn't be a shock. I feel Lay-Cool is getting very close to a split. Either Layla or Michelle McCool seem to be on the move because of the split. I think it would be best to see McCool to RAW. However, with her marriage to Undertaker, even though he's out, a move to RAW may seem a bit off.

    This is why I feel Layla will move to RAW. Sadly though for Layla, despite her talent, I feel she'll be an afterthought while McCool will thrive.

Move No. 19: R-Truth to SmackDown

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    Despite how you feel about his actions this past Monday on RAW, R-Truth made an impact. His heel turn made this impact heard 'round the world, and that alone makes you talk about him and I think he could really do well on SmackDown. At the age of 39, he doesn't have much time left to do well with WWE.

    He has done well as a heel in the past too, so, this could be a big move to SmackDown. Like the Miz to RAW a while back, no one may think it matters at the time, but it could he huge later. We'll see, but this move I feel could be almost 100 percent happening.

Move No. 18: Alex Riley to SmackDown

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    Now this is a move that some would wonder about. Riley to SmackDown? I personally think Riley is a star, and pairing him with The Miz for so long was a great idea. I think though, he is good enough to go out on his own.

    Miz is good enough to be on his own too, so, Riley to SmackDown makes a lot of sense.

Move No. 17: Daniel Bryan to SmackDown

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    I think this could be the big dark horse move. Bryan is not close to being a top guy, but he's a guy fans love. He has wrestling talent of course, and some mic skill too. On RAW, Bryan really has been buried more so on RAW. Going to SmackDown would be really good for him.

    I know this will break up A.P.P.L.E., but it would be a great move to put Bryan on SmackDown. He has the potential to be in the mid-cards for a while and win secondary titles, and if he gets fans on his side, he could easily main event some.

Move No. 16: Skip Sheffield to SmackDown

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    Skip Sheffield of Nexus fame was injured months ago, and many wondered how he would make an impact upon his return. Rumors were coming out from everywhere saying that Vince McMahon is high on Sheffield and feels he could be good enough to be a top name for the company.

    That said, I'm going to be waiting to see where he goes. I don't think RAW would be good, as SmackDown works so well for him right now. He could make a major impact on SmackDown against whoever the champion is after Extreme Rules.

    With a guy his size, it's all about what he wants to do. If he wants the World Heavyweight Title, he's gonna get it. So, this could be another dark horse move we need to keep in mind. He's been cleared to come back for a little while now, so, we're just waiting for an impact

Move No. 15: Drew McIntrye to RAW

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    This could be a move easily happening. McIntrye on SmackDown has been getting boring, a move to RAW could really freshen up his character. McIntrye has the potential to be a main eventer or mid-carder, and we've seen him make a big impact before.

    I think many fell in love with his character at Elimination Chamber, when he went off on everyone and was the guy we were all talking about the next day. From then on, DM has been a guy to watch. He could do well if moved to RAW, maybe he could be a main eventer, maybe just a mid-carder.

    The good thing about DM is that he could realistically go against anyone.

Move No. 14: Mason Ryan to SmackDown

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    Mason Ryan as everyone seems to know, is the next Batista in WWE's eyes. Talk about a guy who could make an impact, Ryan is scary good. He still is a bit green, which makes me think this won't happen. But, I think he has the ability to do well right now. His body/size alone is what gets you thinking he's going to be big.

    A SmackDown move is something that could make this the start of young Mason Ryan's big-time singles career.

Move No. 13: Sheamus to SmackDown

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    It seems WWE RAW is so heavy with young talent, that a move to SmackDown is needed for a lot of them. I think Sheamus is a guy who could make an impact on SmackDown. Along with that, he could bring over the US Title and it could really be something interesting to see how these new guys go against Sheamus for the title.

    He could potentially be someone we see in the main event picture on SmackDown too.

Move No. 12: Wade Barrett to RAW

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    Wade Barrett had to leave RAW earlier once CM Punk took over Nexus, then went on to SmackDown to form The Corre. The Corre has been a relatively good faction, but they have had some issues as of late.

    It kind of makes me think it's over for them, and Barrett moving to RAW could be that final nail in the coffin. Barrett had a good run on RAW, going back would be perfectly fine, because you know he'll do well.

Move No. 11: Zack Ryder to SmackDown

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    Ryder has been on the rise as of late despite not even appearing on RAW or SmackDown. He is a top WWE Superstars name, which isn't saying much. But his YouTube videos have gotten him some hype. I don't get why the WWE had security confiscate Ryder signs at a RAW show.

    It seems a lot of fans are wanting Ryder. So why not WWE? Move him to SmackDown, and see what he can do with the ball for a while. If he doesn't do well, so be it. But give him a chance .

Move No. 10: Sin Cara to SmackDown

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    Despite appearing on both shows since debuting, Cara is said to be an official RAW roster member. I think moving to SmackDown would be good, seeing as he would obviously get buried on RAW if he stayed. Sure, having him there helps the Hispanic viewership, but on SmackDown, he could main event. On RAW, nothing other than a mid-card future is there.

    Either way, where ever he goes, he's going to be a fun to watch.

Move Mo. 9: John Morrison to SmackDown

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    Morrison was one heck of a talent on SmackDown, many thought a World title was close. But, then a RAW move came and he was forgotten. On SmackDown, he will thrive. Putting him back on that show is potentially huge for the brand. Plus, he's away from Melina. And statistics show, away from Melina, Morrison does very well.

Move #8: Tyler Reks to RAW

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    Tyler Reks is a very interesting case, he is a very intense guy and potentially could main event if pushed right. He could be a big guy in the mid-card scene on RAW and then he could be pushed to do well in the main event scene.

Move No. 7: Ted DiBiase to SmackDown

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    Ted DiBiase is an unusual case, he has ability, but seems to go nowhere. His former partner Cody Rhodes seems to be rising, while he is fading. I think that is a huge deal to him. He was put on this singles run, even got Maryse as his manager. That hasn't worked as we've noticed. I think a character development is in order, and a move to SmackDown could really be a nice way to start over.

Move No. 6: Maryse to SmackDown

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    Maryse is, in my eyes, one of the best Divas WWE has had. She has the look, OK mic skills and somewhat good wrestling ability. She is very good at what she does, and although she has been one of the better Divas, SmackDown is in need of another relatively good Diva not named Lay-Cool. To me, Maryse screams SmackDown

Move No. 5: Evan Bourne to SmackDown

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    I think a lot of people will be with me in saying Bourne's move to RAW was awful. He has been buried there since his arrival, and now that he is back from injury, I think he has a lot to offer. So, why not put him on SmackDown to give us more?

    Bourne is one of the most exciting guys to watch in the WWE right now, a move to SmackDown would do wonders for him

Move No. 4: The Usos to SmackDown

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    Jimmy and Jay Uso at one point looked to be one of the more exciting new tag teams in the WWE. Yet all the sudden, we never see them. I always thought they had talent. It just needed to be used. I think they would get time on SmackDown. With RAW being such a stacked card, SmackDown would do wonders for the duo. Lets hope WWE doesn't try doing yet another split with the two twin brothers.

Move No. 3: Alberto Del Rio to RAW

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    With RAW being THE show in WWE's eyes, and with Alberto Del Rio on the rise, it seems obvious that going to RAW would be the best thing for him. He seems too big for SmackDown from the way he's been built up.

    Del Rio possibly winning the World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules then being drafted to SmackDown could be very interesting to say the least. Even with a loss to Christian, going to RAW, Del Rio could be in the hunt for any title and be a threat to win it.

    The thing with Del Rio is that unlike others, he wouldn't be lost in the shuffle if he went to RAW. He'd main event easily. Del Rio to RAW works in main ways, and suddenly puts Del Rio in line to be the best heel in the WWE.

Move No. 2: The Miz to SmackDown

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    The Miz has been one of the best young talents in the WWE this year. Some could argue his reign as WWE Champion rivals the greatness of past champions like Randy Orton, Triple H and John Cena. The Miz has beaten all comers for his WWE Championship on RAW. So going to SmackDown would be a natural transition for the champ.

    SmackDown needs a big name, heel or face, and The Miz is that guy who could be huge on the show. There are a ton of young guys who he could compete against, which makes him even more fun to watch every week. This could bring ratings to SmackDown the likes of which they haven't seen for some time.

    The Miz to SmackDown would be a shocker if it did go down, but that's what makes it fun.

Move No. 1: Randy Orton to SmackDown

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    Lets face it, with the departure of Edge, SmackDown is in need of a top name face. Sure, they have Christian, but at this point, he is a secondary face at best, not the top guy. We all know John Cena won't be moving, but Randy Orton is highly likely. Also, with all the other names on that show, some of which he has never faced, it could make for fun TV.

    Orton would instantly be the top guy, something he has never been on a show before. His fans, of which are growing everyday, would follow him to SmackDown potentially increasing its ratings. To me, this is the move that has to happen for SmackDown. Orton moving would be shocking, sure, but it's a move that I think WWE has to do with the retirement of Edge recently.

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