The Answer for Newcastle Is Kevin Keegan...Apparently

Daniel ChesterCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2008

As I sat drinking my tea after returning home from sixth form, I wondered what I'd be doing tonight. Then I got a phone call telling me to put Sky Sports News on and there it was: the breaking news that Kevin Keegan will be the new Newcastle United manager.

Surely the Tyneside club have provided enough laughs for us over the last couple of weeks, but they have gone one step further with this one.

The fans wanted 'King Kev' and they've got there wish, but why the clamor for Keegan?

He left Manchester City and told us all that it was his last job in management, yet here he is, back in the Premiership again. Spelling one thing, he has run out of money and he'll get a nice pay off at the end of the season.

Keegan might turn things around or he might not, but he obviously still has a passion for the game. He knows that if he messes up he will never be forgiven, yet for some reason he's willing to stick up what he did for the club on the line. 

The fans expect Keegan to deliver immediate success and they've wanted him since the managerial position became available, but what has Keegan done for the club apart from embarrassingly messing up a title-winning season?

He brought in Alan Shearer, possibly the best player ever to play on Tyneside, but that was about it.

The football was exciting but Keegan isn't the man he used to be and the Geordies expect too much from him.

The funny thing is they say Keegan will bring success back. Well what will they do if he doesn't and loses his first six games and the club are plunged into relegation trouble?

He never won a trophy at the club and I don't see that changing anytime soon. 

Keegan isn't the Messiah.