Brock Lesnar vs. JDS: TUF 13 Fighter Chuck O'Neil Blog for B/R, Episode No. 4

Chuck O'NeilGuest ColumnistApril 20, 2011

Welcome back for The Ultimate Fighter 13 episode four blog with Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil. As seen, these episodes are getting increasingly better each week, so I'll get right into the action.

After the Len vs. Ryan fight, I was growing more so anxious to fight and getting aggravated that I haven't got the chance to yet. First thing I did when I got back to the house was go to the sand box room and write team JDS a message. I write "Please Pick Chuck" in big letters to hopefully push them along in their decision. I noticed this writing was gone an hour or so after I wrote it but oh well, my point got across.

This episode showed our team working in the cage with MMA training gloves on. This was the first time period we got to actually do any kind of work with them. Being three fights and two weeks into this competition, it was pretty annoying having to wait so long for a hard training session. The episode did a good job of making Clay look bad and get yelled at by Unky Brock.

Clay isn't some bum, he was just having an off day and his body was a little tired. It's super tough to get a good night's sleep in the house with the child-sized beds, farting and constant snoring throughout the night in our room. Not too mention the mandatory falling out of the bed followed up by the elephant march by Nordin every night.

After that practice had ended the coaches decided to have our team take the night off. This was annoying to most of us who still had to fight because practices were already on the easier side. We all felt we needed to be pushed harder, especially after seeing Len get tired out there. It just seemed Team JDS simply had more gas in the tanks so we felt we weren't training hard enough.

The four of us left on Team Lesnar who haven't fought yet were Tony, Charlie, Clay and myself. We called ourselves "The Four Horsemen." This had actually started only a couple days into the competition as little clicks within our team started to form. Not saying we didn't all get along but there were definitely little clicks.

For example, Nordin and Len would spend hours on end talking about how Len was jokingly going to move to Germany run through Flats and marry a hooker. The Four Horsemen always hung out did our own thing; we talked about fighting and best matchups for each of us, along with talking about our lives outside of fighting. Chris, on the other hand, was always off on his own doing god knows what or his super special ninja training.

Speaking of clicks, this episode highlights the friendship between myself and Charlie Rader. Charlie and I had become good friends before the show and were excited to be able to go through this experience together, not to mention on the same team. Being in this experience with such a good friend made this stressful situation a lot easier and made it feel like a camp rather than some jail cell when we were at the house.

We spent most of everyday jokingly talking trash to each other or having water fights. We basically just tried to keep each other sane in the house and focused in the competition. 

I started working with Charlie's diet before the show and gave him a nutritional guideline to follow while he was on the show. Well, when I arrived, apparently he had decided to eat the print out instead of the meal plan I had listed on it. Before I got there Charlie's meals included chips with ranch dip, soda and candy. He truly eats like a child.

Luckily, I came in as the alternate and was able to take over as his hands on nutritionist along with a lot of the other guys on my team. I was constantly making meals for everyone in the house and helping them all cut weight and gain it all back after weigh-ins. In a smart and beneficial way that is. 

Team Lesnar had the opportunity to spend the day with Matt Hughes for a training session. Brock described us as being star struck by his arrival which I feel was an over reaction. Matt is a very well established guy and MMA fighter who honestly doesn't need much introduction. But...everyone on our team all comes from camps with high level MMA fighters who train with us on a daily basis whether they are from the UFC, Strikeforce etc.

When asked by Team JDS what we thought of the experience, I replied, "I don't get star-struck in life. Unless I run into Dusty Hoffman I'm going to view everyone as an equal." At this point, Len joins in to tell myself, Clay, Chris and Ryan that he'd love to meet Shawn Connery. What an interesting piece of information that was. So now I know Len and the three middle aged woman working at my local coffee shop are the only four people dying to meet Shawn Connery.

Throughout this episode, Ramsey and I were two highlighted characters who were introduced. I got along well with Ramsey as we pretty much shared the same sense of humor. We both had no problem pushing people to the point of feeling uncomfortable and seeing how much it would take to make them react to us.

I know personally for myself it brought a lot of fun and laughter to the house. As I've stated before it's good to be able to relax within a high-tension situation. If you don't, the situation will overcome you, and you will begin to go crazy. I will assure you that this episode's antics with both myself and Ramsey wont be the last of the season, there is plenty more nonsense to come!

The next fight was announced and all four guys on our team were excited for the chance to fight. Obviously the match up was Ramsey vs. Charlie which was a matchup we had already speculated before the fight was even announced. We felt Team JDS was either going to pick Clay or Charlie to fight next against either Ramsey or Zach and we were pretty close. I was excited for my friend to get the opportunity to showcase his skills in the fight.

However, unfortunately that didn't all play out. Ramsey deserved a lot of credit. He had us all fooled as we thought he was just an undersized welterweight with decent wrestling and would crumble to Charlie's well rounded skills and impressive record. That wasn't the case as he pressed on Charlie for over a round and eventually got the submission win and the first stoppage in this competition

For the record, friends or not, I will defend Charlie and his poor performance to the death. That in no way, shape or form was the real Charlie Rader. I recall watching the fight live and wanting to smack him in the face for not doing anything. He froze up and didn't show anyone, including Dana White, the real Charlie.

As for Ramsey, I was a little surprised with how much crap he was talking about not only our team, but also about Charlie. I understand this is a show and things can be made to look worse than they actually are but for him to say Charlie wanted to quit and wanted to go home is ridiculous.

His shoulder popped out of place and he got a slight tear of his Labrum. Now did he tap pretty fast? Yes, but how are you going to defend a sunken in choke with one good hand? I honestly feel if this fight were to happen somewhere down the line the outcome would be a lot different.

After the fight I was shown to be clearly pissed off as I felt I had lost in the cage with Charlie. Back in the locker room, Brock begins to go on another tirade of yelling at us and telling us were not all as bad as we think we are. This conversation I feel needed to take place but I don't feel this was the time or the place, as Charlie was visibly distraught and about to go to the hospital to have his shoulder looked at. 

The episode showed Brock yelling at Clay telling him he doesn't care. What wasn't shown was the interaction that fully took place between the two of them which included close to a minute straight banter of you don't care and Clay responding I care. It was actually pretty funny at the time.

Len was also shown getting offended and walking out of the room in the middle of the yelling match. This is a situation which will only get worse as the season goes on. I actually took the floor for a minute to try and keep our team together and keep the remaining three motivated as we had huge fights coming up over the next couple days.

That’s all for this week's episode. Please come back next week for the episode five blog with the most stunning man on the show, Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil!