UFC 129: Georges St-Pierre Willing to Wrestle Matt Hughes

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IApril 20, 2011

To Georges St-Pierre, his wrestling ability is overlooked by many fans and journalists alike. According to him his wrestling is more then what people think of it.

GSP feels that if he wanted to, he wouldn't be afraid to challenge Matt Hughes to a friendly wrestling match.

"I think I'm good with mixing take downs with strikes, it's true, but as far as (pure) wrestling, I started wrestling late. I was like 20 years old when I started wrestling," said GSP in an interview with Five Knuckles. "But I think a lot of people, they underestimate my wrestling. And as far as wrestling, I would not be afraid to challenge Matt Hughes to a friendly wrestling match."

For those of you who don't know, Hughes was a state champion wrestler in high school at 155 pounds, not once, but twice. Hughes also made the NCAA Division I All-American teams in his final two years of college.

In mid-March, Hughes also talked with Five Knuckles about wrestling with GSP.

"He's a phenomenal athlete, no doubt about it, but you know, he's not a great wrestler," Hughes said. "I think if you put him and Koscheck in a wrestling match, I think Koscheck would eat him up. From take downs to rolling him, I really do," said Hughes. "But if you watch GSP fighting, he does a very good job transitioning from striking to takedowns. He does great with his striking, so that's what really enables him to take people down like he does. And of course he's very quick, but if you put him up against a wrestler on a wrestling mat, I don't think you'd see that great wrestling that you do in a fight."

Now looking at GSP's side of wrestling, GSP has thought about the idea of wrestling for Team Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but due to training and his MMA career, wrestling in the Olympics is an afterthought.

GSP and Hughes have fought three times in their careers and GSP has beaten Hughes twice.

Hughes, GSP is not impressed with your wrestling.