MMA: 12 of the Most Insane and Unbelievable MMA Knockouts on YouTube

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IApril 20, 2011

MMA: 12 of the Most Insane and Unbelievable MMA Knockouts on YouTube

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    You never truly appreciate a knockout until you see someone execute a really insane KO shot.

    One minute, two fighters are circling around, not doing anything of real note, and then BOOM! goes the dynamite as someone gets viciously knocked out in a way no one expected.

    Of course, everyone loves the knockout—people prefer them in MMA to the ground game despite the fact that the ground game and the grappling aspects of the fight help this sport exist as MIXED Martial Arts, but then again, the sport has its own history of showcasing wicked knockout blows.

    Some of those knockouts were spectacular, but what you're about to see are twelve of the knockouts that are downright too insane to be believed.

    You wouldn't believe that these knockouts were real or that any of these moves really connected in full, but just a forewarning: They did land, they did connect and despite what you have heard, they are real.

    So with that said, I bring you twelve of the most insane knockouts in the sport, courtesy of Youtube

    (Oh, and there's only one current UFC fighter on this list, and it ain't Rampage, Anderson Silva, or Anthony Pettis, so sorry to those guys, and you guys can not even try to ask where they are.)

Phil Cornelius and the Kick of Doom

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    First of all, that ring girl is HOT!

    Second of all, Phil "Cornelius" Stallone is an up-and-coming MMA fighter who we will see here today kicking the bejeezus out of someone.

    The bout goes quickly, and it takes a right hand and what looks like a head kick to finish this guy off.

    In reality, though, was it a real head kick, a front kick to the body, or a kick that connected with the collarbone?

    You be the judge.

    All I know is that it kicked ass without being a kick to the ass.

The Double KO at LFC 25

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    Of course, this is probably the one KO clip on the list you might definitely recognize.

    Shaun Parker's fight with Tyler Bryan at LFC 25, which ended in a Double KO, is one of the most famous MMA-related clips you're going to see on Youtube.

    However, fans didn't know about it until one night on Inside MMA on HDNet when Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten were so kind enough as to introduce it to us.

    If you haven't seen it yet, there's something wrong with you, but because I intended to not have any honorable mentions, I'm including it here.

    Enjoy yourselves. It's a celebration.

The Shoulderbreaker

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    So these two guys touch gloves and have a phenomenal five rounder!

    Just kidding, they don't touch gloves and the bout only lasts a matter of seconds.

    Take note of that gent in the red trunks, because he's the recipient of what I'm simply calling "The Shoulderbreaker".

    If you've studied the majority of wrestlers who have gone for takedowns like the one you're about to see, you can probably guess what was supposed to happen here.

    The dude was supposed to fall on his back and struggle from the bottom to defend his foe, who would've gotten side control and could've tried an arm triangle or worked to get in the Salaverry position.

    What winds up happening is...well, ask the dude's right shoulder what happens next.

    Simple, but just watching it kind of makes my shoulder cringe a little bit.

Avoid the Elbow, Connect with the Elbow

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    For those who don't know who Farnam "Farre" Mirzai is, allow me to give you some background:

    For four years he spent time in Thailand, and he's also trained in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Siberia—whooping ass and honing his craft, of course.

    A veteran of 46 pro fights and 11 amateur fights, the man ranked No. 7 in Rajadamnern stadium and ranked No. 9 in Lumpinee stadium 2010--making his name known as one of the prominent names in the Muay Thai scene.

    He's had his fights broadcast on Muay Thai TV, and he's fought at Kings Birthday 2008.

    His fights came in a weight class ranging from 143-154 lbs., so in other terms, he's a Light-to-Lighter-weight fighter who will hurt you by striking with you, regardless of what your name is.

    I've including his badass spinning elbow in a slideshow or two in previous months.

    There's only two things that this guy will need before you start seeing his name alongside some of the best striking coaches of all time.

    One of them is a gym (or a solid team of guys to work with).

    The other is for you to marvel at the wicked ferocity of this spinning elbow he throws—after dodging a few fast spinning elbows, no less.

The Spinning Roundhouse

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    Heaven knows this is one you might have seen multiple times before—it's the "Spinning Capoeira Kick Knockout"

    Specifically, it's a Capoeira Roundhouse Kick, and it takes this guy two tries to land the kick, but he does land it.

    He knocks the guy out and nearly knocks him through the ropes.

    Brian Ebersole is not the only guy that can make a spinning kick look badass.

    Speaking of Ebersole...

The Cartwheel Kick

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    I figured if I left the list at five with only the five that I had initially chosen, eventually the question would come up about The Cartwheel Kick.

    So without further ado, I present Brian "Bad Boy" Ebersole's cartwheel kick.

    It's the fight marked down on his record as a KO win by Head Kick, but there wasn't any shades of Mirko Cro Cop when he landed this.

    Let's just say that the only time I've seen this executed was the last time I played one of the Tekken games.

The 10-Second Right Handed Blast from Hell

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    One of the fastest fights in the sport, this one ends with what looks like an overhand right in ten seconds.

    The guy he faced barely had a chance to work anything decent on him.

    I'm pretty sure the post fight celebration lasted longer than the fight, but you can, check it out and tell me if you think otherwise.

Baby Got Backfisted!

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    Jennie Yum faced Lindsay Jones for the Tuff-N-Uff promotion and ended her fight in impressive enough fashion that I felt compelled to show you guys the clip.

    Yum pulls off a spinning back fist and Jones is out once it lands. The last two shots are not even necessary.

    Now why would Dana White want to not include a women's division or create a Women's UFC when they're capable of doing THIS?

    Don't give me that "There's not enough women in MMA" bull...

The Right Hook

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    All it takes is four minutes and nine seconds for Alexander Riutort, in the white trunks, to land a mean right hook on his foe (whose name I do not know).

    Ah, the joys of fighting in Phuket, Thailand in early January of 2007.

    Of course, if you want to see the KO, try to skip to about four minutes into the video and check it out for yourself.

Hollywood Hendo-Cide

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    Possibly the most epic knockout in the career of the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion.

    Those of you who know the story are aware of how badly Dan Henderson wanted to punch a pothole in Michael Bisping's mug for the duration of Season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter.

    Also at stake was supposed to be a crack at Anderson Silva and the UFC Middleweight Belt, which stepped their games up just a tad.

    Michael Bisping did come to fight, and he gets an "A" for effort and for wanting to kick Hendo's ass.

    The only problem here was that Hendo wanted to kick Bisping's ass just a little to a lot more.

    What happened next was arguably the most epic knockout in the recent history of mainstream MMA.

Nick Prindell's Bionic Punch

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    Nick Prindell lost his hands doing his duty to his country and made the choice to pursue MMA after gaining metallic hands.

    What resulted from that is what you're about to see.

    He's pound-for-pound the most dangerous fighter you will ever see in MMA and the most vicious fighter that you will never see in the UFC.

    Even still, you should check out the impact he's made on a few amateur fighters.

    You might be impressed, or maybe even shocked.

The Superman-Knee Combo

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    Thanks to Cage Potato for showing me this in the B/R newsletter for 4/20.

    Russel Brewer made his pro debut at an MMA event in Midland, TX against Christopher Golden.

    There's not much to say, because this one lasted five seconds by a sick combo of a Superman Punch and a wicked Knee.

    Haven't seen it yet?

    You have now.