Pro Wrestling: IWC's Christian and John Morrison Get Their Main Event Moment

Richard OchsContributor IIIApril 20, 2011

These are troubling times for both the WWE and the Internet Wrestling Community.

The WWE has rebranded itself into a "non-wrestling" company with constant creative changes by Vince McMahon.  The IWC has nothing better to do but whine and complain about the current direction wrestling is going today.  There is constant blabbering about pushes, heel turns and title reigns.  Honestly if Daniel Bryan became World Champion, I'm sure the IWC would find something to complain about.

Unfortunately, it took the retirement of an amazing wrestler in "the Rated-R Superstar" Edge, to band the WWE Universe, the WWE creative team and the IWC together to mourn and celebrate the career of undoubtably one of the wrestling industry's most popular superstars of all time. 

But it's been a little over a week since Edge had to hang up the boots and now that the post-Edge retirement hangover period is almost over, expect the IWC to find other things to complain about.  But have no fear IWC, the WWE creative team has come to your rescue and has finally given you all what you've wanted for a long time. 

Yes, IWC, two of your Golden Boys are getting main event world championship matches at WWE Extreme Rules.

Yes, because at Extreme Rules on the Smackdown side, Alberto Del Rio will have to face "Captain Charisma" Christian in a Ladder match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship.  From Raw, the WWE Champion Miz will defend his title against John Cena and "the Monday Night Delight", John Morrison, in a Triple Threat Steel Cage match. 

Christian and John Morrison are two men who the IWC have been crying for to get a main event.

When the tag team Edge and Christian broke up, Christian (real name Jason Reso) was one of the most despised heels in the company, mostly on Raw.  His feud with Chris Jericho was nothing short of spectacular, and he proved he could handle a big program.  This led to him getting a WWE Championship match against Jericho and John Cena at Vengeance 2005. 

However, nothing materialized after that, as Christian was drafted to Smackdown and requested his release.  Reso then reappeared in TNA as "the Instant Classic" Christian Cage, where he proved once again that he can be not just a kickass heel, but the heel in the company.  He also proved he could be a very popular face, where he had just as much success as a heel in TNA. 

Most importantly, he proved he could be a world champion when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice in his three years with the company.  He returned to WWE in February 2009 on the now-defunct ECW brand, where he became the face of ECW until its closing. 

He won the ECW Championship twice in his tenure, his second reign lasting about seven months.  Now he's back on Smackdown, this time in a more prominent role, as possibly one of the new faces of the blue brand.  Here's to hoping this main event title match is just the beginning of a main event spot for Captain Charisma.

Then there's John Morrison, who was a co-winner of Tough Enough III, with Matt Cappotelli.  He then debuted as Eric Bischoff's assistant on Raw in 2004 under the name Johnny Nitro. He would continue to use the Nitro name when he re-debuted on Smackdown as part of the tag team MNM, with Joey Mercury and Melina. 

Nitro would win the WWE Tag Team Championship three times with Mercury as his partner before he and Melina were moved back to Raw.  There, Nitro won the WWE Intercotinental Championship twice before being moved to ECW.  Due to the tragic Chris Benoit double-murder suicide, Nitro replaced Benoit and defeated CM Punk to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, his first "world" title. 

Nitro would then change his name to John Morrison and after Morrison lost the ECW title to CM Punk, he would be placed in a tag team once again, this time with the Miz.  Morrison and Miz would be the top team in WWE for the next year and a half, winning two Slammy Awards, the WWE Tag Team Championship once and the World Tag Team Championship once. 

They would also create the most entertaining web show in WWE history, The Dirt Sheet.  Once Miz and Morrison broke up, Morrison turned face on Smackdown, establishing himself as a singles star and winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship once more.  Morrison was then drafted back over to Raw and has since been on a strategic rise to where he is now, in the WWE Championship hunt.

Both Christian and Morrison are good in-ring talents and have a strong fanbase.  Christian has more charisma than Morrison and better microphone skills.  Many people have criticized Morrison's personality and mic skills, but they really aren't that bad when he's given someone else who can work well on the mic (not R-Truth). 

Both Christian and Morrison are victims of circumstance.  People expected them to do great things because their tag-team partners, Edge and the Miz, went on to become world champions.  Both deserve to be world champions and both have their chance at Extreme Rules, Christian especially. 

So IWC, ya'll might want to order Extreme Rules, this could be the start of a meteoric rise to superstardom for both Christian and John Morrison.