Georgia-Tennessee: Who Wins?

Jay ButlerContributor IOctober 9, 2008

Two weeks after the debacle against Alabama, the Dawgs are apparently playing the Tennessee Vols this week. I say that because the buildup to this week's game is, for a better word, lacking.

Now the Vols have a tough, top 15 run defense, highlighted by Ellix Wilson and Rico McCoy, in what seems to be his 13th year at Tennessee.

The Dawgs have a deceptive rush offense ranking, only making the top 50. However, no one will deny the power and influence starting RB Knowshon Moreno has over the entire offense.

I was looking at how Knowshon could come back after getting hurt during said 'Bama game and seeing how effective he might be against the Volunteers defense.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Knowshon said he will “ there [against Tennessee]. I’ll be ready to go.”

He "knows" it'll be a big game, so hopefully he won't lay an egg like he did two weeks ago. However, if he can't bring it all, backups Caleb King and Richard Samuel, who has been complaining for more touches in games, will step up.

This Dawgs offense is more than just run, as SEC total yards leader QB Matthew Stafford can attest to. The Dawgs' passing game is first in the SEC, and UT's top 15 pass defense, led by All-SEC safety Eric Berry, will be on high alert.

However, we have yet to touch on Tennessee's stagnant offense. Led by Dave Clawson, the Vols offense ranks 97th in the nation in total offense. Led by Jonathan Crompton and their 98th-ranked passing offense and Arian Foster and their 61st-ranked rushing offense, the Vols got a lot of explaining to do about their anemic ways.

I guess no matter how you spell it, the sound CLAW-SON just brings the Tennessee offense to a standstill—but this time it's the offensive coordinator and not two loudmouth quarterbacks.

This will be a huge game for head coach Phillip Fulmer, because a debilitating loss to Georgia could bring the final nail in the coffin for big Phil. Also, Tennessee could pull an Auburn and fire their new OC in the middle of the season.

Anyway, it'll be closer than the experts think. It'll take the Dawgs a half to shake off the Alabama game and the memories of the previous two games against UT, but the Dawgs prevail.

Georgia 31, Tennessee 19