Madden 2012: Peyton Hillis or Michael Vick for Cover?

Kevin JackmanContributor IIIApril 20, 2011

Cleveland Browns Peyton Hillis
Cleveland Browns Peyton HillisRick Stewart/Getty Images

The Debate

NFL fans have the choice of picking this year’s cover for Madden 2012. Voting for the championship can be found here. It has been an interesting ride to this point to say the least, although that is to be expected when Seattle's candidate is their 12th man...okay?

Let's recap how it has gone down so far.

Aside from some relatively unknown players in the pool (Orakpo, Gross, Dunlap, Long), “upsets” have been very prevalent. That’s how we find ourselves in this strange predicament—Michael Vick or Peyton Hillis.

How Super Bowl-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers was outvoted by Hillis (Cleveland does not have a larger following than Green Bay) is absolutely beyond me. Also, Vick’s ascension to the top was a piece of cake, only really having to beat Adrian Peterson, who he destroyed 59-41.

This is the hand we are dealt, however, so let’s ante up and pick a winner, shall we? Now for a look at our contestants, Johnny!

Michael Vick

Pro: Vick was an MVP-caliber player this past season on route to being an incredible comeback story. His play is electric and easily becomes an installment in highlight reels when he is on the field. 

Con: He is a former convict, being charged with leading and facilitating dog fights on his property. In addition, his sketchy record has angered large groups of people.


Peyton Hillis

Pro: Peyton is a white NFL running back, which rivals the unlikelihood of him ascending to this place to begin with. He exploded for over 1,200 yards rushing this year and surprisingly made the Cleveland Browns semi-relevant again.

Con: At this point in time, he is simply just a one-year wonder. Plus, he plays for the Browns! It would ruin the reputation of players who previously earned the honor of gracing the cover.

And the winner is…

Coming off an incredible season that very few people saw coming, and despite all the people who have yet to jump back on the bandwagon, Michael Vick wins. His lightning-fast legs and canon arm put him head and shoulders over Peyton Hillis.

I will say what Vick did in his past is horrible, and will always remain in the back of the fans’ minds. But his on-field accolades and talents are screaming for recognition, and this is a perfect way to jump back into a positive light.

Sorry Peyton Hillis, you made a Butler-like run, but let’s see you make another Pro Bowl before we make you the pretty boy on Madden’s cover.

Tell him what he wins Johnny!

Vick wins a get-out-of-jail-free card and some good publicity complements of EA Sports!