LeBron James' 'Decision' and the 25 Worst Events in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIApril 20, 2011

LeBron James' 'Decision' and the 25 Worst Events in Sports

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    Think sports are exciting?

    Well you're right on that point, but sometimes the events surrounding sports, from their drafts to their pregame and halftime shows, are real snooze fests.

    These events are the times you can look up into the crowd or around to the people watching and see empty seats and vacant stares.  

    Here is a list of the 25 most boring events in sports.  

No. 25: NFL Super Bowl Halftime Shows

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    Let's be honest, the NFL pays lots of money to hire relevant or classic acts to perform during the halftime show, but are they really that entertaining?

    Most times people watching at home are using this opportunity to get up and use the restroom or to stock up on more beer and food before the real action starts again.

    On rare occasions these shows are actually good, but for the most part, they are easily forgettable and provide more content for ridicule than applause.    

No. 24: NBA Halftime Shows

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    The short shows during any NBA game's halftime are usually filled with a performance by the home team's dancers and an assortment of random games for fans to participate in and attempt to win prizes.

    The performance by the dancers or cheerleaders may be sort of entertaining, but no one really wants to watch fellow fans do stupid tricks to win mediocre prizes.   

No. 23: College Football Spring Games

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    While some people live for these events, they are actually kind of boring.

    These games are just glorified scrimmages that players and coaches use to figure out lineups and problems they need to address before the coming season.

    They are typically filled with lots of team errors, and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who wins because they are all part of the same team. 

No. 22: The NBA Draft

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    While more entertaining than the WNBA Draft, this event is still a wee bit on the boring side. 

    The outcomes of this event are huge and exciting, but actually watching the selection process is a little dull and on the dry side. 

No. 21: NFL Pregame Shows

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    These space-fillers are yet another example of one of the most boring events in sports. 

    Filled with tacky performances by the home team's cheerleaders and all sorts of really lame attempts to pump up the crowd for the game ahead, the entertainment value of these events can be judged by the few people actually in the stands watching them. 

No. 20: NBA All-Star Game

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    Now some may argue that this is not a boring event. However, there are a few reasons why this event is more boring than any regular season game.

    Like the Rookies vs. Sophomores game, there isn't really a whole lot of plays run or passes made in these games. It just seems that this is more of a showoff type game and doesn't quite have the same excitement as a regular or postseason playoff game.  

No. 19: NFL Predraft Parties

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    Now, most fans only get to see these types of parties from the clips and interviews secured by journalists.

    However, from just looking at these clips, it is easy to see it is all just one big publicity stunt intended to draw attention to the NFL draft, which usually occurs the following day.

No. 18: NBA Rookies vs. Sophomores Game

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    Like the All-Star game, some may try and argue that this is actually not a boring event, and is in fact a great event. And to that, one could say to each their own.

    This is a classic pickup game of basketball, just for really talented and well-paid players. There is no real play set up and the defense is minimal, which takes out some of the most entertaining parts of the game of basketball.

    This event is just a bunch of young NBA players trying to show off, which is why it is such a boring sports event.  

No. 17: NHL Intermissions

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    There are never any really cool performances by the dancers or other performers, but there are usually plenty of the little fan games that no one really wants to watch.

    Typically, there isn't any music playing because fans are being "treated" to a show where other fans who were chosen randomly get to participate in some trivial competition for a prize which they hardly ever win.

    These intermission events are actually so boring I once saw a woman reading a book in the stands, and that's a true story.  

No. 16: MLB Pregame Shows

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    Unlike football, basketball or hockey, there is no halftime in baseball, so luckily there is no horrendous halftime show either.

    There is, however, the typically very boring pregame show before most major league games.

    Like many of the other sports, these shows include tacky performances by local celebrities and silly, unimportant games giving randomly selected fans the opportunity to win mediocre prizes.

No. 15: MLB Draft

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    Again, like so many other sports, the outcomes of this event are huge, but the actual event itself is hugely boring.

No. 14: Olympic Medal Ceremonies

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    The Olympics overall are exceptionally exciting to watch. Between the intense competition by some of the best athletes in the world and the wide variety of athletics they offer, they are very fun to watch. 

    However, once the action is done and winners have been decided, then come the medal presentations. While these are most likely very exciting for those who won something, to viewers they are just long drawn-out presentations with no action. 

No. 13: NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

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    Yes, basketball is exciting, but when this tournament is so uncompetitive that almost every year only the highest seeds, who were predicted early on to make it to the Final Four, dominate the competition, these games become really boring.  

No. 12: NHL Draft

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    Like the drafts for many other sports, the NHL draft is an extremely boring event. 

    The outcomes from this event are very exciting, but actually watching the slow moving, and typically very dry, event is really boring. 

No. 11: NBA Pregame Shows

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    These shows are just as bad and boring as football preshows, but just in a much smaller floor space.

    They usually contain some kind of fan promotion or game and some other kind of sad attempt to pump up the crowd for the main event. 

    The worst might possibly have been in a 2010 game between the Bucks and Kings, where they had a magician come and try to predict the halftime score of the game. 

No. 10: MLS Draft

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    Maybe it's because this is the United States, where most people aren't gigantic fans of soccer, or maybe it's because of the way this event is run, but the MLS draft is one seriously boring event.

    Yes, there is a lot of cheering, but like the NBA and WNBA drafts, the announcer seems very monotone when announcing the draft picks, and players seem very calm and collected when it would have been more exciting to seem them emotional and excited. 

No. 9: Golf Awards

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    Any kind of awards show or presentation at the end of a major golf tournament is painfully boring to watch.

    They're dry, don't have very creative commentators and there isn't a whole lot of creativity in the way they are done.  

No. 8: NFL International Halftime Show

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    Now one would think that when the NFL is playing on an international stage in London, it would go all out for the halftime performance the way it tries to with the Super Bowl performances.

    That, however, is not the case. 

    These halftime shows typically just include the bare minimum of a performance by the cheerleaders, from one or both teams playing, to the music of some halfway relevant musical act.

    They're not very creative, nor are they all that exciting to watch.   

No. 7: NFL Pro Day

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    This event, while necessary for scouts to properly recruit players coming out of college for their team, is painfully boring to watch.

    It essentially is just a whole bunch of scouts standing around, watching players run different sets of drills, while the scouts take notes on the players' abilities and speed.

No. 6 MLL Draft

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    Lacrosse is slowly and steadily gaining popularity across the nation, but just like so many other sports, the draft for this sport is painfully boring. 

    The draft is predictable and slow moving, like most other sports drafts, which is why it is so boring. 

No. 5: "The Decision"

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    Say what you will about LeBron James, but the television special, The Decision, was one of the most boring events in sports history. 

    All that it turned out to be was a glorified interview and history lesson on James, which wasn't done in an overly entertaining or informative way. 

No. 4: MLS Halftime Shows

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    While this sport may not have the following in the U.S that football or basketball does, it can relate to these two sports because most of its halftime shows are just as boring. 

    Typically, these shows consist of some kind of performance by the home team's dance squad, followed by trivial patron participation activities that try to entertain the crowd during the break in the real action. 

No. 3: NFL Training Camp

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    Yes, training camp is an important part of the NFL preseason, but watching clips from training camp and having to hear about every little improvement coaches think their players are making is not only boring but repetitive.

    While the outcome of this period in football is highly important, the actual training camp is one of the most boring events in sports history.   

No. 2: WNBA Draft

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    Of all of the men's and women's sports drafts, this might possibly take the cake as the most boring draft of all time. 

    The results are highly predictable and the delivery of the information is dry and almost monotone in many cases.

    Even though the room in which it takes place is pretty full, it is usually dead silent, even after it is announced that someone will be going with some team as the X draft pick of that year.  

No. 1: Signing Day for College Sports

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    Like so many other events on this list, this event is highly important in the world of sports, but the actual event is dullsville.

    No one wants to sit and watch hours worth of high school kids signing pieces of paper, committing to their school of choice. This is why most people just catch the highlights later after all of the "fun" has taken place.