College Football: The Worst Teams from Each BCS Conference over the Last 5 Years

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIApril 24, 2011

College Football: The Worst Teams from Each BCS Conference over the Last 5 Years

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    When you look at each BCS conference there is sometimes one team from each of them that stands out as the best of that conference, yet you never really hear a lot about who the worst team in each conference is.

    This article is not intended to hurt the motivation of any fans of the teams listed. It is merely an observation and opinion. Also, before I get hate mail and death threats, I would like everyone to understand that this is an article that focuses on the last five seasons of college football and not the entire history of a conference.

    I welcome anyone who thinks that any of the teams I have chosen as the worst of their league over the last five seasons to comment and justify why they are not. Again, I'm not trying to bash anyone; let the fun begin.

SEC: Vanderbilt

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    This one is a no brainer, yet you have to give the Commodores a "thattaboy" for sticking with the SEC for their year in and year out beatings. With all of the conference realigning going on you could almost understand Vandy going to another conference so that it would have a chance at a conference title or consecutive winning seasons. Yet that is not a reality that we can see just yet; stick with them Vanderbilt fans, dreams have been known to come true.

Big Ten: Indiana

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    The Hoosiers are 24-37-0 over the last five seasons with one bowl appearance in the Insight Bowl against Oklahoma State, where they lost 49-33.

    Indiana has only won nine conference games in that time span as well. It was a tough pick because Minnesota has a slightly worse record with 23-40-0 however they are 11-29 in conference play and have made it to three Insight Bowls in the last five seasons. Sure the Gophers lost all three games but they did go to to bowl games after all, that's better than not going at all.

ACC: Duke

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    The Duke Blue Devils have an excellent basketball program. However, they are hurting when it comes to the sport of football. Over the past five seasons, Duke has gone 13-37 overall and 5-35 in conference play. In fact the last time Duke had a winning season was in 1994 when they went 8-4. Since then they have had 12 seasons of three wins or less. I know that goes outside the parameters that I have set up for this article but I think that it is worth mentioning.

Big East: Syracuse

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    Syracuse is on its way to a decent recovery from several bad years, so it is almost hard for me to have them as the worst team in the Big East over the past five seasons. Last season they were able to give the conference a run for its money and even participated in its first bowl game in six years and won.

    However, four out of the past five years the Orange has only been able to crank out one conference win against its Big East brethren in each of those seasons and no bowl appearances until 2010.

    At first I thought it would have been Rutgers but after a closer look it was unjustified. The Scarlet Knights are 40-24-0 over the past five seasons with only one losing season coming last year, also with four straight bowl wins before last season. I couldn't, with a clear conscience, put them on this list.

Big XII: Iowa State

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    With Colorado leaving for the new Pac-10, Iowa State will have to end up being the team that inherits sole possession of worst in the Big XII.

    Colorado and Iowa State each have a record of 21-40-0 over the past five seasons, however Colorado has a better conference record of 12-28 as opposed to Iowa State's 9-31. Colorado lost in the 2007 Independence Bowl to Alabama while Iowa State won the 2009 Insight Bowl against Minnesota.

    With Colorado now gone, it's Iowa State.

Pac-10: Washington State

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    This was a close one between the Cougars and the Huskies, however Washington State has not been bowl eligible for some time now and with a overall record of 16-45-0 and conference record of 9-36-0 it was an easy pick.

    Even with this you have to admire Cougar fans; they always show up at random places waving their schools flag on TV.