WWE Breaking News: Is WWE Trying to Hold Zack Ryder Back? (Now Ft. Z! TLIS #10)

Angel CervantesContributor IIIApril 19, 2011

According to wrestlinginc.com (link at the bottom), this past Monday at the O2 Arena in London, WWE ordered security to confiscate all signs from fans relating to Zack Ryder.

What? I’m a bit shocked from initially reading this so let me regain my composure.

Okay, I’m good. So what does this mean and why would WWE do such a thing?

Recently, Zack Ryder has been building himself quite the following. He has greatly benefited from the social media sites such as youtube, twitter and Facebook. Each week on Raw, there have been more and more Ryder signs popping up.

Since WWE wasn’t doing it, Ryder took the initiative and got himself over. So now he’s getting punished for it?

Does the fact that the WWE ordered the signs to be confiscated have deeper meaning or is a one-shot deal?

It may be possible that it was a one-time thing with being in London and all or does this mean that Ryder will soon be receiving a pink slip? At this point there are no facts and the IWC can only speculate on the possible reasons for such a heinous act to take place.

It is a terrible thing for WWE to do since this country is all about freedom of speech. Then again, last night’s Raw did not take place in the United States so maybe I'm just jumping the gun.

Either way, I’m upset to hear this news and hope it does not happen again. 

Zack Ryder is busting his a** to get himself noticed with no help whatsoever from the company he works for.

WWE needs to wake up and smell the roses when it comes to this Ryder guy. He is the total package and could benefit the company in many ways.

If Ryder does end up getting released in the upcoming weeks, the IWC will explode and WWE will have missed out on a huge opportunity.

As a member of the Zack Pack, I truly hope that this does not happen but things aren't looking too good at the moment.


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Here's the source/link: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2011/0419/538796/