Vikings Ray Edwards Sexts Nipple Ring Pictures: Why Athletes Never Learn

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistApril 20, 2011

When are athletes going to figure out that the camera is not their friend?

When I take a picture of myself in the mirror (which happens all the time, gotta keep my Myspace profile looking good), I can pretty much guarantee that nobody is going to see them that I don't want to. That's because nobody cares about me, and I'm OK with that, relieved even.

If I were a professional athlete, or even a high-profile collegiate athlete, that would be a whole different story. People care about the dumbest aspects of your life, and they really care about the embarrassing aspects.

So if you feel the need to text some girl pictures showing off your muscles, you better think twice, especially if you also happen to be rocking some pretty hilarious nipple rings.

That's the predicament the Vikings Ray Edwards finds himself in via Media Take Out. Hey, at least it's not dong shots, but it's still embarrassing and still a possible distraction for the guy.

Trust me, NFL players are ruthless. I absolutely believe that he'll be drawn offsides at least once this year because of these pictures.

Maybe some day athletes will realize that the Internet sees all. If you don't want your spot blown up online, don't be sending pictures to chicks you don't know. The fact that you're a professional athlete should be enough for them to sleep with you, let's not go crazy here.

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