Flyers Defensemen Depleting

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IOctober 9, 2008

Today at the Flyers skate zone in Voorhees as writers we were there to get thoughts from the players on opening the season less than two days from now. Instead, we get to the lockerroom only find out that another defensemen will be out for a long period of time, this one will hurt much more than Ryan Parent. Randy Jones will most likely be getting surgery on his hip to repair numerous tears including the now Flyers famed injury, the labrum.

Jones spoke today to the media to explain what happened and that this has been an ongoing buildup over a couple of years. "I got the MRI, and it revealed numerous tears in there (hip)." "This has actually been a buildup for a couple of years, its just that I was able to play through, but it has been coming on strong the last few years and it has gotten worse." Jones continued to to say that because of the numerous tears it has put pressure on other areas of his lower body such as problems with the groin.

Jones spoke to a hip specialist, and it looks as if surgery is the best bet so that he can get back on the ice before Christmas. With Parent going down for over 3 months, Derian Hatcher's career on the ropes, Randy Jones' injury really hits the Flyers back line hard. This basically guarantees Lucas Sbisa will be here for awhile, which Sbisa deserves anyway.


In other news coming out of practice today, Mike Richards did not practice this morning. No need to worry, the captain assured us that he was just taking one of his 3 sick days, "Hey no problem, just taking a sick day, I had a little tickle in my throat, but no issues ill be ready for Saturday." Flyers GM Paul Holmgren followed up on the question about Mike Richards' absence from practice, "Its just a maintenance ting with a few guys, just working on conditioning and things along those lines preparing for the long season."

Expect a few guys from the Phantoms to be looked at heavily especially in the defenseive end of things. In a few days or so there will be a scenary change for a few guys.