Arizona Cardinals: Is Tim Hightower The Running Back Of The Future?

Shane House@sghcantcopyAnalyst IOctober 9, 2008

Over the past three weeks, I have discovered something about the Arizona Cardinals. They are actually a good team. They have an amazing passing attack that seems like, more and more, that you can just plug someone into it and they will be successful.

They have a good run defense that will surprise some offenses when you play them. They still have some work to do with the secondary but one thing I noticed the most is there running game.

If you look at there stats, there isn't anything that pops out at you. Actually you would think there is nothing there considering there ranked 24th in Yards Per Game. But if you look closely, the Arizona Cardinals are 1st in rushing touchdowns with 8.

When I saw this, I was startled. I was wondering how this could happen. How could such a dismal running game have so many touchdowns. I understand that running in the red zone would be the major cause of this but to what extent. You still need talented backs to get into the end zone. So who is the cause of this?

Tim Hightower.

Although once again he only has a 3.1 YPA, he is having a touchdown per game pace with 5 TD's so far this season. His longest gain is 17 yards which is more then Edgerrin James who is the starter, and for a fifth round pick, is becoming quite a steal.

He has decent moves, but the way he gets his yards is by bulling his way over defenders, he has a lot of power in those legs and is a good change of pace compared to the faster Edgerrin James.

But when The Edge does hang them up, will Tim Hightower have the ability to be the incumbent to the starting running back position?

Sadly I don't think he can. He is a short yardage specialist. He's got enough speed, but he just doesn't have the moves to be a full time running back. Being a punishing running back takes a lot out of you and you can't do that every year for 300 touches a year. Its too hard on the body. Plus, I just don't think he is talented enough.

But, I will say though, he is impressing me with his ability to get in the end zone. The Arizona Cardinals got a steal in the fifth round and for what they use Hightower for, they got a good running back who can get in the endzone.