Roy Williams Upset in Detroit: Can You Blame Him?

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IOctober 9, 2008

Roy Williams was picked as the seventh overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Lions to be their go-to receiver of the future. Well, now it may be the go-away receiver of the present.

Williams has caught less then 60 passes in three of his first five seasons with the lowly Lions. A 6-2 jump out of a building type receiver barely ever sees the ball coming his way.

The Lions then selected Calvin Johnson last season in the Draft. A 6-5 jump out of a building type receiver who barely sees the ball coming his way as well. So, let's recap real quickly: the Lions take two, huge, quick receivers and then don't throw to them...OK, got it? Good.

During the last game for the Lions against the not-to-good Chicago Bears, Williams began to get frustrated late in the game when he wasn't getting the ball. After a bad pass to him, he would try to kick at the ball; he started yelling at his teammates and headed off the field only to throw his helmet on the bench.

No, I can't blame him for doing it either.

Roy did have four dropped passes in this game, but those four passes were very poor throws and Williams had to dive or slide to even have a chance on it.

Williams is obviously upset with his role and wants out after this season, when, officially, he will be a free agent. He is definitely not going to resign with the club, so why wait any longer?

Trade him.

The Lions could get a decent pick in the upcoming draft and maybe another third receiver. Rumors have it that the 49ers, Cowboys and Eagles all have interest in Roy. But, other teams are still considered "in the running."

If the Lions could get a trade for a few picks, the receiving core would look something like this: 1. Calvin Johnson, 2. Shaun McDonald, 3. Mike Furrey, and 4. Brandon Middleton (gag me now).

Well as a Lions fan, Roy, I know you won't be with us much longer. So, I just wanted to be the first to say farewell, and good luck.