WWE 2011 Draft Preview: Which Superstars I Predict Becoming Breakout Sensations

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 19, 2011

WWE 2011 Draft Preview: Which Superstars I Predict Becoming Breakout Sensations

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    In the Words of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon; "It's Time to Shake things up!" ...... again.

    Fresh off the heels of my first WWE Live Event in London, we got the news that the 2011 WWE Draft will be taking place next week, this got my excited once again as I was slightly sadden by not seeing Zack Ryder at the WWE Superstars taping.

    Over the years we have seen career defining moments thanks to the WWE Draft.

    2004 we saw Edge drafted to Smackdown which stated his momentum to the top.

    in 2005 John Cena was drafted to RAW which has seen him with many World titles.

    2008 saw CM Punk transfered from ECW to RAW which accumulation him with two Money in the banks and a World title amongst other accomplishments. 

    The Miz began his rise to the WWE Championship following his draft from ECW in 2009. 

    So when have seen career-defining moments, and today I will hopefully predict whom with a detailed explanation will succeed due to the draft.

    Hope you enjoy, so lets get started.

    I have left out some people; Kofi Kingston and John Morrison because I feel they won't be affected hugely by the Draft.  

Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes was one, if not the biggest winner from the WWE 2010 Draft hell, he wasn't even in the televised draft, He was drafted due the WWE Supplement draft!

    many of fans all of a sudden have changed their opinion on Rhodes as their initial thought DiBiase was the better star, well since their split from Legacy and Randy Orton. Rhodes is the one who is on track whilst DiBiase is headlining, yes, headlining Superstars with Mark Henry and losing.

    As for Legacy and Randy Orton, I feel although Rhodes won't be drafted I feel rather Orton will be drafted to Smackdown as the face side is very poor to say the least.

    Perhaps if WWE are serious with Rhodes being main event material, the two could feud as to who was the better Legacy.

    I feel this is a high possibility so I will give this a rating of 9/10. 

Zack Ryder

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    My Favorite Broksi of the week, or for that matter ever.

    If your one of the poor souls whom haven't witnessed a webisode of ' Z!  True long Island story' on youtube, you gotta check it out, it's epic.

    This is the long-shot but has got a chance of happening well, at least in the Supplementary draft it does, but as we saw in the previous slide, Rhodes transformed due to the Supplementary draft last year so why not the same treatment for Zack Ryder?

    He has the Charisma, he has the move-set and can talk the talk, hell he even takes jabs at his own self, like 'Im trying to get over' or WWE is Dropping the ball on Zack Ryder in which he posted a picture of himself to a ball and dropped it.

    This dude, should have his own segment, like Piper's pit, Jericho's Highlight reel or Carltio's Cabana. 

    Zack Ryder isn't to be wasted and many of fellow WWE superstars, like Miz and Cena have expressed their concern with Zack Ryder and the Writers disapproval with him on RAW more often.

    Possibility of Supplementary draft move to Smackdown - 7/10  


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    Sheamus already broke through once and could quite easily do it again, but with Kevin Dunn around it might seem a long-shot at the moment, we all though he had Triple H on his side, so surely he will be here to stay.

    Sheamus in my eyes is in desperate need of a transferring to the blue brand, he would have so many options the writers can choose from, Kane, Mysterio, Big Show and perhaps Christian in the future.

    Possibility of joining Smackdown - 7/10

    Possibility as remaining a RAW Superstar - 5/10

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan, I'm the small remote portion of the IWC who thinks Bryan isn't as great as some make out. 

    I think because I had so many high hopes upon his NXT arrival due to the hype of fellow members of IWC and a few clips of the web, I was somewhat disappointed, i don't dislike him or love him, for me his just there.

    He needs something which we define his WWE tenure, perhaps a memorable feud with Rey Mysterio?

    I think Rey Mysterio and  Bryan will work great off each other and perhaps drafting to Smackdown will we ignite his career from a small-time feud with the Bellas to a memorable outing against a veteran.

    Besides what else is left for Bryan on RAW?

    Sin Cara may feud with Sheamus for the title and with Vince high on Skip Sheffield perhaps a angle with Sheamus isn't out of the question.

    Bryan could do a feud with the recently turned, R-Truth or the now Brown headed Mr-Perfect look-a-like, however I feel a respectable feud between himself and Mysterio would earn quite a bit of brownie points.

    Possibility of Staying on RAW and feuding with R-Truth/Ziggler - 6.5/10

    Possibility of Drafting to Smackdown - 8.5/10 

Drew McIntyre

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    The Curious Case of Drew McIntyre, lately he had a brief feud with Edge and had a great reception when he turned on fellow British Wrestler oops, athlete oops, 'Sports Entertainer'; Wade Barrett.

    The WWE In my view, should turn the Scotsman into a tweener as he showed promise at the 2010 Elimination Chamber.

    Perhaps a move to Raw could help as Raw are seriously lacking in Heel mid-card acts, with Goldust, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne and others could help give him some much needed television time.  

    Or he could stay put and feud with some-one on Smackdown, Big Show or Kane are great Superstars to use with McIntyre.

    Possibility of being traded to RAW - 5/10

    Possibility of staying at Smackdown - 5/10  

Alex Riley

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    Many of us on Bleacher Report and on other Wrestling sites have noted that Miz usually wins but not in a clean fashion and many have pointed at Riley for that. 

    Some people have gone on to say that Miz isn't a credible champion due to his shifty wins when his title is on the line.

    At Wrestlemania 27, the Rock interfered 

    Late Last year, heel magnet - Micheal Cole interrupted to cost Jerry Lawler to lose in a TLC match.

    These are just a few when Riley hasn't been the feature point of interruption.

    Riley should either feud with Miz, which will cause the partnership to dissolve or enter a feud with Big Show or Rey Mysterio once done with Rhodes to elevate his status as this will be his first feud since arriving and truly show his worth.

    Possibility of Feud with Miz, if he stays on RAW - 7/10

    Possibility of feud with a talent enhancer (Big Show/Kane/Mysterio), if he is drafted to Smackdown - 9/10

The Corre

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    I really anticipate the end of post-Nexus group; Corre.

    Lately WWE has teased the split of the once potential filled and respected groups in recent years but recognition went as quick as their Wrestlemania match. 

    For me, the New Nexus has lost it's edge and I thought with CM Punk I would have been re-engaged but it's still yet to occur. 

    As For Corre and the Draft expect a one of the 'Sports Entertainers' to abruptly leave the group, perhaps Wade Barret or Ezekiel Jackson?

    Wade Barrett was viewed as a main eventer near enough but the steam suddenly disappeared into the air, so to speak, although perhaps Smackdown is so heel heavy and WWE looking towards Alberto Del Rio as the leading man in heel position.  

    Jackson showed his disapproval with the group with the latest edition of Smackdown when he dashed Kofi Kingston on to his team-mates and taunted to add to injury and not to mention before he was injured, he was a decent face during his stint on RAW.

    Possibility of split due to Draft: 7.5/10 

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