Tiger Woods: 10 Bold Predictions for the Rest of 2011

Ron FurlongAnalyst IIApril 20, 2011

Tiger Woods: 10 Bold Predictions for the Rest of 2011

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    Predicting the remainder of Tiger's 2011 is no easy task.  Based on what we saw at Augusta earlier this month, it would be just as safe to guess three or four wins from Woods in 2011 as it would zero.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try and predict the future. I like to call it crystal-balling.

    Having said that, here I go with my own crystal-balling.

    Shame on me!

    10 possible predictions for the remainder of Tiger's golf season.....

10. The Short Game Will Improve

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    We saw traces of this at Augusta, but expect to see it more as the year develops.  Anyone who does a major overhaul on the swing will notice the short game start to suffer as you spend so much of your time working on the swing.

    Tiger's short game has been too good for too long for this to be anything more than a temporary setback.

9. Consistency Not Going to Happen in 2011

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    Having watched Woods play the last year, I think it is safe to say he is far from being a consistent player on tour right now.

    This is not to say he can't win, and perhaps win more than once (spoiler alert on a future slide!), but we are no where close to seeing Tiger rip off an eight or nine win season right now.

8. Will Compete in Majors

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    Tiger may not win a major in 2011, but he will be a factor, as he was for the year's first major at Augusta National.

    Woods figures to do well at Congressional, a course he knows well, at the U.S. Open in June, as well as Royal St. George's for the British Open in July.

    The final major of the year will be played at Atlanta Athletic Club, another course we would expect Woods to do well at.

7. Image Won't Be Restored This Year

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    This will be a long process, and for some it will take longer than for others. For some it will never happen.

    No amount of PR will fix this, only time........

6. Intimidation Factor Will Return

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    One of Tiger's greatest attributes throughout all those wins was his ability to intimidate.

    This is gone.  For now.  We saw glimpses of it possibly returning at Augusta.

    What would bring it back at some level would  be simply to win a golf tournament.  One gets the feeling once that win comes the ability to intimidate players, players without his massive experience, will once again surface.

5. Won't Win Fed Ex Cup

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    Woods simply hasn't gotten off to the start, nor has he played enough, to realistically compete for the Fed Ex Cup in 2011.

4. Will Lead American's to Victory in President's Cup

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    Fresh off the heart-breaking loss in Wales last October in the Ryder Cup, the Americans have something to prove.

    Woods and company should have a strong President's Cup.

3. Three Tournament Wins in 2011?

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    I hate pretending I have a crystal ball.  I don't, and know one knows the future. But, this is an article called 10 bold predictions, so here it goes.

    Woods will win three tournaments in 2011.  My tea leaves tell me at Muirfield, Cog Hill and one major.

2. One Major Win

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    Royal St. George's.....

1. Tiger Woods Is a Golfer

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    Here's my number one prediction for the remainder of Tiger's 2011 golf season.

    He will golf.

    He will do well from time to time.

    He will struggle from time to time.

    He is a golfer. A good one. Let's enjoy the golf.

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