The SEC Mid-Term Report Card

ClaytonCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

The SEC Mid-Term Report Card

How this Report Card was grade:

  • 11 Offensive, 11 Defensive, and 6 Special Teams Categories
  • It was graded on a scale of 1 to 12. 1 being the best and 12 the worst
  • After assigning a number to each team, the row was summed and averaged. A grade was then assigned.
    • Ex.) Lowest being A+, 2nd Lowest is A… 2nd highest being D, and The Highest being D-.
      • (No F’s were given thought some should have been)
      • (Also no extra credit was given, stat adding or shaving)
  • Strength of Schedule was determined by the CBS 120 complete poll taking the ranking of the team play at that week and summing it and dividing by the number of games played.
    • Teams not in Division 1-A were all given a ranking of 121.
      • Ex: Appalachian St.

If you like a copy of how I calculated the grades, I will be happy to send you a copy.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Offense – B+

Defense – B+

Special Teams – D+

Schedule Strength – B-

Penalties – A-

Overall – B-         

            Everywhere you go. No matter what sport station you tune into. You are bound to hear about one team and its coach. Bama is back. They are playing the type of football that they were playing at the end of Gene Stallings era. They are the #1 SEC team in rushing yards per game at 226.3 rypg. Their passing game is lacking even with freshman phenom Julio Jones and reformed QB John Parker Wilson. They rank 11thwith 152.3 pypg, but are 5th in passing efficiency. But with a running game like their’s….why pass?!? Also, they are 1st in controlling the clock at 33:07 min/g.

            Even more impressive than the running game is the rushing defense. They are #1 in the SEC and #2 in the NCAA with big bad #62 Terrence Cody filling up two running lanes its easy to see why. The Special Teams seems to be the weak point for the Crimson Tide. Javier Arenas had a huge day in week 2 vs. Tulane and pretty much won the game for them, the special teams has been struggling.  Ranking 10th both in net punt coverage and kick off coverage. Also they are 11th in kick off returns. The avg. starting field position isn’t the best at the 21.3 yard line.  


Arkansas Razorbacks

Offense – C-

Defense – D-

Special Teams – D-

Schedule Strength – B

Penalties – B

Overall – D-

            Suwee, something sure is stinking in the SEC and it is Arkansas’ Defense and Special Teams. They are 11th or 12th in every major defensive category except passing yards per game, 7th. On the ground, they are giving up on average 208.3 ypg and 5.3 yards a carry. The special teams are struggling, ranking last in field goals and kick off coverage.

            The offense isn’t much better, ranking last in RYPG, but the passing game is alive and well. They are 2ndin the PYPG. Casey Dick is 2nd in the SEC in passing yardage a game behind UGA’s Matt Stafford by 0.8 of a yard p/g.

Auburn Tigers

Offense – D+

Defense – A

Special Teams – C

Schedule Strength – C+

Penalties – D

Overall – C

            The spread experiment has officially failed at Auburn as Tommy Tuberville has fired 1st year Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin.  The Tigers rank 10thin SEC PYPG, 11thin passing efficiency, and last in RedZone scoring. And in the 100’s nationally. The Auburn plainsmen are still leaderless at the QB position half way into the season.  The pre-season All-SEC kicker for the Tigers Wes Byrum has hit his sophomore slump missing his last 4 SEC field goal attempts and an extra point that was the difference in a loss upset loss to surprisingly undefeated Vanderbilt.

            On the other side the ball the Auburn Tigers have the #2 statically best defense behind Kentucky. The most impressive state this aggressive defense carries is it opponents’ 3rd down conversion percentage, 18.3%. But with aggressive defense comes injury. 4 Auburn defensive starters are down with injuries and are now relying on freshman to fill some spots.

            (Side note:) Tommy T. is officially on the hot seat……again.


Florida Gators

Offense – A

Defense – A-

Special Teams – A+

Schedule Strength – C

Penalties – D+

Overall – A+

            The Gators are statistically the best team in the SEC. They are top 3 in all three sides of the ball. They are ranked 1stin only 2 categories, field goals and points scored per game, but are top 5 in almost every other one. This makes them the most balanced team in the SEC. If it wasn’t for a missed block on the Tim Tebow sneak against Ole Miss. This team would still be undefeated and the highest ranked team in the SEC. Numbers don’t lie people. This is best OVERALL SEC team.


Georgia Bulldogs

Offense – A+

Defense – D+

Special Teams – B+

Schedule Strength – B+

Penalties – D-

Overall – B+

            The Dawgs started the season at #1. After the first week they were bumped to 2, then to 3. Then along came the underdog Crimson Tide and blacked-out eye. The Crimson Tide stunned the college football world by putting up 31 first half points on highly ranked dawgs. The Dawgs Secondary is struggling ranked almost last in passing yards allowed p/g. They are in the bottom fourth in the SEC in points allowed p/g and 1st downs allowed. The rush “D” is #2 is the SEC.

            When it comes to the air attack, the Dawgs offense is the tops, ranking first in yards p/g, passing yards p/g, and passing efficiency. They are also the #2 team in converting on 3rddown. Matthew Stafford is having career year passing on avg. for 238.6 yards. The next test that Dawgs must face is Florida. The winner of this game will be the representative for the east in the SEC championship come December.

Kentucky Wildcats

Offense – C+

Defense – A+

Special Teams – A-

Schedule Strength – D

Penalties – B+

Overall – A


            The Wildcats may have the impressive stats, but they have only been really tested once. If it hadn’t had been for a butterfingers play by QB Mike Hartline against Alabama that resulted in a touchdown, Kentucky comes out of Tuscaloosa with a win and possibly a national ranking. Kentucky’s O-line has allowed the fewest sacks so far this year.

The defense is ranked #1 in the SEC right now, but their weak schedule thus far has something to do with that and affected their current overall grade. The Cats defense is 1st in fewest points allowed and 2nd in 1st Downs allowed and 3rd down conversations allowed. The secondary is also 2nd in passing yard allowed p/g. Expect the Wildcats to have an impact on who wins the SEC East this year.

LSU Tigers

Offense – A-

Defense – C

Special Teams – A

Schedule Strength – D-

Penalties – A

Overall – A-

            The LSU Bayou Bengal Tigers ground attack is a force to be contested with in the SEC. RB Charles Scott is an absolute machine running the football. He is averaging 7.5 yard a carry and 133.8 yards rushing a game. LSU has played only 4 games, but it seems that LSU is on track on becoming the SEC West rep come December, but they have to get by Florida this weekend and take care of business when Alabama comes to Death Valley this year. Alabama always plays well in Death Valley.

            As for the Bayou Bengal Defense, their ground and air control is very balanced. The only thing bringing their grade down is there lack of presence in the opponents’ back field, 6 sacks, and red zone scoring, even though opponents have only been there 9 times they have managed to score 8 times.

Miss. St. Bulldogs

Offense – D

Defense – C-

Special Teams – D+

Schedule Strength – A+

Penalties – C+

Overall – D

            Well it seems that Croom is “Crooming” himself. With season opening loss AT LA-Tech, there has been little to celebrate in Starkville this year. The Offense is at the bottom sixth of almost every offensive category. That is about all can be said about their “O”. They have played the toughest schedule so far…..

            The Defense is not much better. The only positive is that they are 3rdin PYA p/g. On the upside, maybe they can play the evil step-mother and ruin Vandy’s Cinderella story. 


Ole Miss Rebels

Offense – B

Defense – D

Special Teams – B+

Schedule Strength – A-

Penalties – B-

Overall – C-

            The Ole Miss Rebels seem to be on a pattern of Win, Loose, Win, Loose. According to the patter they should win this weekend. The offense is the first breath of fresh air since Eli Manning left, course what would you expect nothing less from Housten Nutt. It is a very balanced offensive attack ranked 5th in both rush and passing yards p/g and total yards game. They are also doing a better job of protecting the QB with the 3rd fewest sacks.

            The defense is the 2nd worst in the SEC ranked dead last in yards allowed p/g, passing yard p/g, defensive passing efficiency, 1st downs allowed (2nd to last in points allowed). But there is a glimmer of hope with the front 4. They have 2nd most sacks in the SEC.

South Carolina Gamecocks

Offense – B-

Defense – B-

Special Teams – C+

Schedule Strength – D+

Penalties – C-

Overall – B

            Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks are up and down this season and they could easily be undefeated this year. A poor 2nd half performance at Vanderbilt and a game tying fumble in the end against UGA has been the deference in the season.

        What USC lacks in talent is made up in the coaching staff, but coaches can’t play the game. The offense is one side with the passing game. The threat of the run is no really there and the passing game is growing steadily. Some how the math came out to the point the overall grade was the highest out of all of them. (Trust me I double checked the math.)


Tennessee Volunteers

Offense – D-

Defense – B

Special Teams – C-

Schedule Strength – C-

Penalties – C+

Overall – D+

            What can be said about Phat Phil’s play calling? Adrian Foster is avg. 5.2 yards a carry on 13 carries on avg. GIVE THIS MAN THE FOOTBALL AND LET HIM RUN!! Tennesseewould have beaten UCLA and Auburn if he had been given the ball more. He was running like a mad man those games. There is nothing to complain about with the defense. They are in the top third of most of the SEC defensive ranking. Tennessee is a better team than what they are showing and like Auburn, it’s the offensive play calling that is holding them back.


Vanderbilt Commodores

Offense – C

Defense – C+

Special Teams – B-

Schedule Strength – A

Penalties – A+

Overall – C+

            The SEC’s Cinderilla team. Most everybody roots for Vandy when they aren’t rooting for there own SEC team. Nobody really stands out on this team. The offense and defense arn't that great, but they are leading in one category that isn’t listed on any stat sheet. Heart. They have the most heart than any other team in COUNTRY!! This is a team. They believe in each other. Pound for pound they shouldn’t match up with a single other SEC team, but they show up and play “I don’t care what you’re ranked. I’m going to smash you in the mouth, I believe in the man next to me,” football week after week and year after year. I am not a Vandy Fan, but GO VANDY!!!



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