Dustin Hazelett Taking Leave from MMA to Go Back to School

Michael EvansCorrespondent IIIApril 18, 2011

Longtime UFC fighter Dustin Hazelett has chosen to pursue a different career, at least for now. Hazelett was cut from the UFC in December after losing three straight bouts.

In an interview with the Dayton Daily News, Hazelett laid out his decision to step away from fighting and what he plans for his life in the future.

“I had actually talked to (my manager) Monte (Cox) about taking a break,” he said. "He said he thought it was a good idea. I had been fighting so much."

"I was getting burned out. I wasn’t in a good place mentally," Hazelett told Dan Stupp.

And this was even before he was cut from the UFC. Hazelett was looking to make a change in his life.

Hazelett still plans to fight in the future and to continue competing in jiu-jitsu in the meantime, however his career will shift drastically. 

Instead of trying to do damage to people he will actually help them when they are hurt.  He has begun taking EMT courses, which he expects to complete this summer.  

Hazelett said he plans to work one day on and two days off, which is similar to how Chris Lytle has fit his MMA training into his life as a firefighter.

Hazelett is also going to be teaching MMA to upcoming fighters. He will be working at Jorge Gurgel's MMA Academy in West Chester. 

So, when can we expect to see him in the cage again? 

Hazelett said, "I wanted to take a break and get hungry again. When you’re fighting all the time, you get a little too relaxed about it. I took the ‘another day in the office’ mentality a little too far. I want to wait for the hunger to come back."