LSU's Defense Says They Will. Can They Stop Tim Tebow?

Micah GreenCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

      This coming Saturday the last two national champions meet in a key SEC match up. The eleventh ranked Florida Gators come into this game with a 4-1 record. They come in averaging 390 of offense ypg. LSU is undefeated with a 4-0 record. Their defense will show up in Gainsville coming off their worst defensive game, but still allowing only 261 ypg.

      The key match up in this game will be Florida pass game vs. LSU defense. Can LSU's defense stop Tim Tebow? Can Florida's offensive line protect Tebow? Will Ricky-Jean Francois make good on his threat? Let's try to do our best in answering those questions. Shall we?

      "If we get a good shot on (Tebow), we're going to try our best to take him out of the game," Francois said. He goes on to say, "If he does get hurt, there's a trained medical staff at Florida, so you can go to the training room on Sunday." How stupid can you get? I understand he tried to apologize and "explain" his statements, but why would you give any opposing team something to rally around? Florida has not looked impressive this season. LSU is ranked #4 in the nation. Why would you give them something to fire them up? Partly because of this statement, Florida's offensive line will protect Tebow at all costs. Florida's offensive line has had a few key injuries in these past weeks, but everyone is expected to play against LSU.

       LSU's secondary is much weaker compared to last years squad with All-American Craig Steltz leaving. The secondary is ranked 44th in the nation allowing 191 ypg.... I believe we all know Tebow is capable of breaking that mark. LSU will have to play soft on the receivers.

      Since the Miami game this season, every team that Florida plays has known our weakness. Blitz, blitz. and blitz some more. Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen have run alot of empty backfield during the season. If Florida is to win this game they MUST have backs in the backfield. LSU's defense is the fastest defense Florida has played all year. They will throw blitz all game long.

      Whoever wins this game will have a upper hand in their division, bragging rights, and get some bigtime points among pollsters. Y'all might want to watch this one. It's gonna get nasty down in Gainsville!