Five Reasons Why the Boston Red Sox Will Win the World Series

Alex PotterCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

The Boston Red Sox head into what seems to be their toughest ALCS test in the last couple of years. The Tampa Bay Rays bring a lot to a big table, but it just isn't enough when you compare what the Red Sox have.

Here are the top five reasons as to why the Red Sox will dominate the ALCS, win in five games, and go to the World Series and repeat the sweep!


5. The Depth Chart for the Red Sox is far more extensive than any other team remaining in the playoffs. The only thing that weakens them is their bullpen, which has mirrored their performance in the regular season and has totally blown it.


4. They bring more postseason experience to the table than, once again, any other team that is remaining this postseason. They have made it to the ALCS for the fourth time in the last six years. That is pretty impressive.


3. Momentum. I already know what half of you people are going to say out there...Some Joe Six Pack will leave a comment saying, "Aren't you underselling the Rays momentum from being a underdog story?"

Here is what I am saying to you: Yes, yes I am, because they clinched the ALCS spot on the road. If they would have done it at home, it changes things, and I might have liked to have seen them stretch this series out to seven games. Then, once the ALCS is over, the Sox have home-field advantage for the World Series (which they've had every time they have won a World Series).


2. Every Red Sox fan in America wants to see the Red Sox destroy Manny Ramirez for everything he has ever done or said to lower the team. I was a fan of Manny until he actually went through with the trade. The Red Sox will face Los Angeles in the World Series, and I will make more money than what I already have selling my "Beat L.A." shirts, and the Red Sox will make the victory taste even sweeter when they are rubbing it in Manny's face!


1. The pitching staff. The young gun that is Jon Lester has propelled the Red Sox Nation to actually believe in the team again. The other postseason gun has been Daisuke Matsuzaka, who has been on his game this season and postseason.

The only thing I am worried about is the security of Josh Beckett and the effectiveness of Tim Wakefield. Red Sox fans, take note of this: The starters will go 3-0; the only non-win will be a no-decision when Josh Beckett starts in the ALCS.

They will go 4-0 in the World Series with the whole team pitching like aces, especially versus the N.L.—I mean really, the N.L. doesn't stand a chance.