Dancing With the Stars: 25 Wrestlers We Need To See on Show After Chris Jericho

Wendy MixonContributor IApril 19, 2011

Dancing With the Stars: 25 Wrestlers We Need To See on Show After Chris Jericho

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    Admittedly, it was a risky move: the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Roll-a in a ballroom dancing contest? How unexpected! Whenever I heard about his inclusion, all I could think of was, "I gotta see this!"

    He fared well on his game show, ABC's Downfall, as well as his appearances on Celebrity Duets and several VH1 specials. Chris Jericho could wrestle, sing, do a little acting...but could he dance?

    Rest assured, he has done well on Dancing with the Stars. Not only his physical talent, but his charm has won him new fans. Which got me to thinking, which other wrestlers would I want to see on Dancing with the Stars?

    Some of the following selections are dead serious; others are strictly me letting my mind run wild. Take it in the spirit intended, imagine how well they'd do, and maybe have a laugh or two! These are in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Jeff Hardy

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    Sure, Jeff's having a couple of issues at present, but what a way to put his name in the spotlight in a positive manner, show his talents, and reveal his sense of humor than to put him on DWTS?

    In the video, you can see Jeff's fancy footwork, and if he can jump off a ladder or a Titantron, tripping the light fantastic with one of the pros from the show should be a cakewalk.

    Bonus: Jeff probably wouldn't have any problems with the wild costumes from the show!

2. Ric Flair

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    What's more fitting to the Nature Boy than being sharp-dressed, with a beautiful girl in his arms? Though he might have issues with the choreography, Ric Flair would definitely be a fan favorite.

    I can just imagine the promos he'd cut on the judges backstage if he got a low score!

3. Melina

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    Melina is another perfect fit for DWTS: she's already well-acquainted with spangly costumes, and she would be following another Diva into the show: Stacy Keibler.

    Melina moves well, is quite flexible, and would probably be a strong partner. I would imagine that whomever they partnered Melina with would probably work in her trademark split!

4. Scotty 2 Hotty

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    I miss Too Cool. Though Brian Christopher aka Brian Lawler recently came back on Raw to confront his father, Jerry "the King" Lawler, there has been little seen of his old tag team partner, Scotty 2 Hotty, aka Scott Garland.

    What a comeback that would be: Scotty 2 Hotty doing the Worm on DWTS! Just an idea, Scotty: Get your name back in the media!

5. Eric Bischoff

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    Eric Bischoff is a natural for a show like Dancing with the Stars: he's a camera hog. On a serious note, Eric Bischoff is a great fit for DWTS.

    As much as I loathe to admit it, he's a good-looking man, and his background in kickboxing might lend itself well to the choreography.

    Now, if we could be sure he wouldn't try to take over the interview portions of the show...

6. Stephanie McMahon-Levesque

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    If there's one thing Dancing with the Stars loves, it's putting on celebrities who are a little awkward on the dance floor at first, with the hopes that the star in question will bloom as they learn.

    Stephanie McMahon reminds me of this particular scenario, as she has been featured dancing on WWE programming before, but her skill set wasn't too impressive.

    However, Stephanie tends to lose herself to the rhythm, which is definitely something the pros of Dancing with the Stars can work with.

    A little training, a little discipline, and Steph could take home the Disco Ball trophy.

7. Trish Stratus

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    Trish Stratus would be a welcome addition to any reality show, as her stint on CBS' "Armed and Famous" has evidenced.

    She's beautiful, she's used to tiny costumes from her time on WWE, and she's a disciplined performer.

    Trish would be a tough customer on the dance floor of the ballroom!

8. Booker T

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    I'd watch it, just to see if Dancing with the Stars would let him do the Spin-a-Roonie.

9. Good Ol J.R., Jim Ross

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    I'm including Good Ol' J.R. in this list, because of Dancing with the Stars' unwritten Steve Wozniak rule: they always want at least one person who you'd never think would dance.

    I'm sure J.R. would have a blast, maybe even blush at his pro's costume.

    Best of all, I'd like to think that WWE fans would tune in as much (if not more) than they have during Jericho's time on the show.

10. The Big Show

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    The Big Show seems like he'd be game for a show like Dancing with the Stars, but there's only one foreseeable problem I know of: which pro would be tall enough for him?

    I also predict many one-handed lifts by the artist formerly known as Paul Wight.

11. Santino Marella

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    First of all, Santino would probably tear the roof off Dancing with the Stars!

    He's got the sweet moves, the charm and the joie de vivre to make his appearance worth the watch.

    He'd probably be down for the costumes, too. However, he may balk if they propose an eyebrow wax...

12. Goldust

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    Propensity toward spangly costumes? Check. Outrageous, over-the-top behavior, set to music? Check.

    While I'm not sure he would be a very good dancer, it might be interesting to watch. Five-to-one, he'd probably skid in some gold glitter and land on his butt.

13. Edge

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    So, Edge has retired from wrestling. What should he do next?

    While I have tackled this question before, and even suggested he join Dancing with the Stars in another article, Edge might bring a lot of fun to the show, especially to the interview portion.

    But, as I've mentioned in my previous article, there is a high injury rate on DWTS, so if he does go there, he should proceed with caution.

14. Michael Cole

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    In all seriousness, Michael Cole needs to do damage control for his career's sake. Much like Hugh Grant's talk show tour in the 90's, after seeking "professional help", Michael Cole should make a few public appearances in order to improve his image.

    Plus, according to Matt Striker in this video, Michael Cole has been taking ballroom dancing lessons anyway. Cole could be a ringer on Dancing with the Stars, and I'm sure his "Cole Miners" would love it.

    ...he does have fans, right?

15. Matt Striker

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    Dancing with the Stars loves a certain type of male celebrity, namely a good-looking guy that we're not sure we've heard of. This is Matt Striker territory.

    Most people outside of sports-entertainment fandom wouldn't know Striker from their paperboy, but he's got a look that might intrigue the home viewing audience.

    But does he have skills? Will we ever know?

16. Rob Van Dam

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    I can see it now: RVD, wearing a tie-dyed dancing costume, rocking the dance floor.

    Mr. Pay-Per-View could make an intriguing addition to Dancing with the Stars, and let's face it: the show could use a little Rolling Thunder!

17. Mr. Anderson....Anderson

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    Ken Anderson's personality wasn't really allowed to shine through until he joined TNA, and when it finally came out, it turned out he was pretty bold.

    So why not bring a little of that charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to the dance floor, and let the A**hole show us those moves?

18. Kurt Angle

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    One of the most intriguing things about Dancing with the Stars is the rumors of romance between pros and stars.

    Every season, there's at least one "shomance" allegedly going on, and now that Kurt is single, why not tempt fate and pair him up with a pretty pro?

    As disciplined as Kurt is, learning to dance shouldn't be an issue, and he'd certainly give it a real try.

19. Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels has got the looks that drives the girls wild! He's got the moves...oh, sorry.

    But it's true: Shawn Michaels would probably get a great push on Dancing with the Stars, and like many others on this list, he's used to extravagant costumes.

    My only concern is with Shawn's back problems, the practices might be harsh, but if he kept working as a wrestler with those problems, he might be able to power through in a dance studio.

20. William Regal

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    I know, I know. It's a stereotype to think that a proper British gentleman like William Regal (actually from blue-collar Blackpool, England) could perform well on a ballroom dancing show.

    However, I'd like to see him tackle it, and Regal could also charm his pro and the judges.

21. Disco Inferno

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    How did I get this far and forget about the obvious choice: Disco Inferno? Glenn Gilbertti was best known as his disco-dancing alter ego on WCW; wouldn't it be great to see him break out those Deney Terrio moves on Dancing with the Stars?

    The only downside is that Disco spent most of his wrestling time mid-card over 10 years ago, which makes the "stars" part moot.

22. 3 Count: Shannon Moore and Shane Helms

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    WCW decided to capitalize on the late-nineties to early-oughts "boy band" trend by putting three of their younger performers (Moore, Helms and Evan Karagias) together to form 3 Count.

    Now that Shannon Moore is in Ink Inc. on TNA and Helms is in the independent circuit, that doesn't mean they couldn't get together to make a special appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

    DWTS often features spotlight performances on the show, and 3 Count might fit the bill.

    Or not.

23. Sharmell, A.k.a Mrs. Booker T

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    Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman has a pedigree to back up any possible appearance on Dancing with the Stars. She was Miss Black America 1991, performed as a Nitro girl in WCW (using the name 'Storm'), and she was her husband's valet during his King Booker gimmick, christened "Queen Sharmell."

    Her appearance would be more than appropriate, especially as she may soon be promoting the rumored upcoming VH1 series, "Wrestlers' Wives" . She's beautiful, she dances, and she's still relevant...what more could you want?

24. Chyna

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    Anyone who's read anything I've posted to this site knows that I'm a huge Chyna mark, so her inclusion here shouldn't be a shock.

    She's got some moves, and she could probably deal with the tiny costumes they provide on Dancing with the Stars, but she shares a similar problem with The Big Show: they'd have to find her a taller partner!

25. Vince McMahon

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    John Travolta, eat your heart out! Check the video: Vinnie Mac's moves are sick, yo.

    All kidding aside, I doubt McMahon would take months out of his busy WWE schedule to train as a dancer and and appear on a show in which he has no creative control.

    On the other hand, Vince is competitive and loves a challenge. Who knows?

    Maybe one day, we'll see him doing the paso doble, or the foxtrot on the stage?