Manager: Anderson Silva Is the Best Ever

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IApril 17, 2011

Anderson Silva is considered by many as one of the greatest fighters in recent memories, but Silva wants to be more then that—he wants to be the best of all-time.

The Brazilian has won 14 straight fights, including 13 in the UFC since joining the organization in 2006. Silva's last loss came against Yushin Okami at Rumble on the Rock 8, a loss Silva can avenge at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro.

Even though his stats and streaks make him one of the greatest fighters in history in the eyes of many, Silva still wants to go down as the best of all time.

“Anderson always wants to fight the best, and fight the best potential opponents who are going to cement his legacy in this sport,” Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, said in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio.

Silva's manager thinks that no one will ever repeat what Silva has done.

“Eight title defenses, 13 consecutive wins in the UFC," said Soares. "I think the way the sport is evolving and how much better these athletes and all these fighters are getting, I think for you to roll off 13 wins consecutively in the UFC is something almost next to impossible.”

Silva has had a vice grip on the middleweight division, beating almost all of his opponents with relative ease. Even against top competition, Silva has finished 11 of his 13 UFC wins via knockout or submission.

To add more thought to Silva being the best ever, he has even fought and dominated opponents at a completely different level. In his last fight at light heavyweight, Silva fought former light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin, and won by first round knockout.

“I really truly believe in my heart that Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time,” Soares said.

If Silva avenges his loss to Okami at UFC 134 and extends his win streak to 14 straight UFC wins, it will be very hard to argue with Soares. It's even hard now to argue with Soares' logic.