The Marksman's NCAA Football Top 25 Week 7: Alabama Slips

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008
  1. Oklahoma(1) – The passing game is working, the running game is working and the defense is playing above the call. This team is at National Title level.
  2. Missouri(3) – Think about this, when Chase Daniel is playing the offense has not had a three-and-out, and has scored on 33 of 48 drives, and also scored a TD on all of the first possessions. 
  3. Alabama(2) – Maybe Kentucky is better than we think, but this is the same team who needed a tackle at the one yard line to beat Middle Tennessee State. Also remember the Tulane game, well Tulane just lost to Army 44-13, I am not saying Alabama is bad, but they might have some concentration issues. 
  4. Texas(4) – Colt McCoy going into last week had six more incompletions than he did touchdowns, and 8 of those were dropped passes. He is playing lights out right now. DE Brian Orakpo is having a great year.
  5. Penn State(5) – This was a workman like performance. They showed they can win when not everything was working. And that actually is a good thing going into the showdown with Wisconsin.
  6. Georgia(6) – This is still a talented team that can still win the east. 
  7. USC(8) – This is why you do not count out the Trojans. They have so many weapons it is hard to stop them. Look the Beavers are a going to be a good team and were going to be tough to beat that night. It is hard to go undefeated, and yes the men of Troy are that good. 
  8. LSU(7) – I have been teetering with whether to keep these guys in the top ten or not. I really feel like they do not deserve it. Florida is probably going to win this game going away and everyone will anoint Florida because of where LSU is in the coaches poll but I am not really sold... 
  9. Florida(9) – I probably should have them higher. I lover there offense even though they have not been exactly all together yet all season. But remember Percy Harvin has had a great game against Ole Miss. And Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey combined for over 200 yards rushing last week 
  10. BYU(11) – That Washington game is really sticking in my craw, but everybody has a bad game right? Either way they are playing really well other than that game, but it is no one really of note and to be honest I would like to see what they do against TCU to really give them so real credit. 
  11. Ohio State(10) – It is not a real slide, I really like Pryor I think he is going to be great. I just think they are not a ten team with him just yet. But they will be. Think about this, they are dead last in the Big Ten in passing offense right now, that will not get it done. But it will turn around eventually, with Beanie back. 
  12. Oklahoma State(13) – They have score 55 points in three straight games. This offense is rolling on all cylinders. Kendall Hunter is one of the best running backs you have not heard of. 
  13. Texas Tech(14) – They finally beat someone with a little bit of a pulse. And actually played a decent game. They look really good on offense, and that bodes well with the Big 12 schedule starting up. 
  14. Michigan State(18) – A bigger win over Iowa then it looks on the surface. They won without Javon Ringer running for 100 yards. The Spartans were able to pull out a victory when everything was not going right and that can help the team as they move forward. 
  15. Wake Forest(16) – A win over Clemson should put them back in the driver seat for the Atlantic Division crown. 
  16. Kansas(17) – Gene Chizik has Iowa State going in the right direction. Even so, Kansas has not looked like the juggernaut on offense like they did last year. 
  17. Wisconsin(15) – This was not that bad a loss. Ohio State is not a bad team and the Badgers were able to stay around. But that loss to Michigan was a really bad loss. 
  18. Boise State(21) – This looks like a Boise team of old, efficient on offense, and a bend but don't break defense. 
  19. Utah(20) – Their schedule has probably been better than BYU's and they probably have better wins. 
  20. South Florida(14) – Sure they beat Kansas and have the same record, but they have looked even more erratic than the Jayhawks, and to be honest Pitt should probably be ranked ahead of them, but I cannot send them down too far. 
  21. Virginia Tech(22) – They are slowly coming back into relevance with good defense, and the offense is making their mark. 
  22. Tulsa(23) – This offense is quickly becoming a juggernaut. They may be 10-0 going into the Houston game in November. 
  23. Vanderbilt(24) – They are a bit overrated, winning with a good defense and a over-achieving offense, but they have gotten the job done. 
  24. Cal(NR) – This team is a sloppy Maryland game away from being in the top ten 
  25. Ball State(25) – If they had not lost Dante Love, they probably would be much higher.







Coming In Hot:


Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, North Carolina, Western Michigan, Florida State, Boston College, Navy, Minnesota


Pitt has taken back their season and won the past four games, showing that there was reason to give them respect at the beginning of the season.


Northwestern is looking to become 6-0 for the first time in over 45 years.


Minnesota has a chance to be 6-1, as does Western Michigan



Slowly Approaching:


Kentucky, Louisville, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Uconn, Notre Dame, TCU, Arizona


After their close call against Alabama Kentucky has put the SEC on notice, they have a good defense.


TCU has a chance to win the Mountain West, catching BYU at home.


South Carolina has a lot of work to do, but they seem to have some answers at QB with Chris Smelley having his best game against Ole Miss.



Standing Still:


Oregon, Ole Miss, Miami, Houston, Central Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois


The Fighting Illini have only lost to top five teams, but the wins haven't been against teams with winning records, at least the FBS ones.


Miami is close to breaking through, but they need a big win against a good team.


If Ole Miss can cure the turnovers and erratic play they can be really good.


Oregon just needs a QB to suit up for more than one game.



Fading Fast:


Arizona State, Clemson, Duke, UNLV, Air Force, Nebraska, Colorado, Auburn, Rice


Arizona State needs a running game fast or else they are going to be looking at the upper division of the Pac-10 in a hurry.


Clemson needs to fins something to hang there hat on. Tommy Bowden seems to have lost the team's confidence.


Nebraska should be fine, they just have not been the most talented team on the field the past two weeks.


Auburn's offense is horrendous. Interestingly enough, that has to make LSU ask some questions as to why they were hanging around.



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