WWE: The Rock's Return Date to Monday Night RAW Confirmed

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 17, 2011

Hey Guys, 

Since the blockbuster announcement of the John Cena Vs. The Rock match-up due to take place at WWE WrestleMania 28, we haven't seen The Rock or haven't heard anything from him.

Well, The Rock is scheduled to return to WWE on his birthday, May 2.

This also collides with the WWE return to Miami, Fla., at the American Airlines Arena.

What should we expect?

The Rock/Cena confrontation to continue?

The Miz to get a slice of the Rock?


Just The Rock "Bringin' it Via Satellite"

I wish I could bring more information to Bleacher Report, but the WWE has kept all potential things to happen away from wrestling sites.