Orlando Salido Upsets Juan Manuel Lopez by TKO in Round 8 (Video)

First LastCorrespondent IApril 16, 2011

On Showtime from Bayamon, P.R., undefeated and top 10-pound-for-pound boxer Juan Manuel Lopez (30-0, 27 KO) takes on Orlando Salido (34-11-2, 22 KO) for the WBO featherweight title.

If Lopez wins, he will rematch Rafael Marquez, a fighter he finished in eight rounds last year.

A mega-fight between Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa (20-0, 16 KO) is also on the line. Gamboa fought and defeated Salido by unanimous decision last year.


Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido

Round 1

Lopez comes out early and uses his jab. Not many power shots being thrown, but Lopez opens up with a wide left to the body. Salido lands a right.

Salido not pressuring Lopez as he promised but looking to establish a slow pace and use his defense. Straight left lands for Lopez.

10-9 Lopez


Round 2

Salido coming out at a faster pace this round. Lopez still stalking. Lopez misses with an uppercut and takes a right hand by Salido. Lopez takes another lead right by Salido. Left lands for Lopez.

One minute to go in the round and both fighters exchange hooks. Wild exchanges inside. Lopez gets caught with a right hand as he ducks down. Lopez fires back with combinations to end the round. Close round.

10-9 Salido


Round 3

Right hook lands for Lopez. Salido throws a right of his own but gets blocked. Lopez using jab to set up right hook. Salido stalking Lopez now.

Lopez taking a right hand as he backs up. Salido misses with a looping right hand. Lopez throws six punches but misses. Left hook lands for Salido. Another close round.

10-9 Lopez


Round 4

Inside exchanges as Salido gets on the ropes. Straight left lands for Lopez. Right hand lands for Salido. Right hand lands again for Salido.

Lopez fires back and connects on Salido. Salido missing wildly but lands a left hook. Salido lands two right hands on Lopez. Lopez misses with a left.

10-9 Salido


Round 5

Lopez lands a right hook on Salido, but it doesn't seem to faze him. Lopez throwing uppercuts and right hooks. Salido misses with overhand left.

Both fighters exchange on the inside with Salido getting the better of it with a right hand. Right hand drops Lopez at the end of the round! 20 seconds to go, and Lopez is badly hurt!

10-8 Salido


Round 6

Lopez gets rocked with a right hand and is all over the ring! Salido is all over him. Right hands landing like crazy for Salido. Lopez gets rocked again and looks gassed. Salido jumps on him and goes right-hand crazy.

Half the round to go, and Lopez is firing back and smacking his chest. Right hand lands for Lopez. Left hook snaps Lopez' head. Both fighters exchanging viciously in this round! Left hand lands for Lopez. Salido misses with a left.

Uppercut misses with Salido but lands a right hand. Lopez misses with a left and goes to the body. 20 seconds left and Salido looks tired. We have another "Round of the Year" candidate for tonight! Insane round.

10-9 Salido


Round 7

Lopez seems to have recovered but is one right hand away from being rocked again. Lopez circling away and throwing power shots. Right hand lands for Lopez as well as one for Salido.

Uppercut lands for Salido. Lopez throws back and takes another right hand. Lopez backs up Salido late in the round and rallies for a big comeback!

10-9 Lopez


Round 8

Right hand lands for Salido. Lopez backs up and is off balance. Lopez bullies forward and takes another right hand followed by a left. Lopez is rocked but is not out.

The referee calls off the bout as Salido unloads on Lopez. Quick stoppage....Lopez was still firing back but visibly hurt. We got a new champion.

Orlando Salido defeats Juan Manuel Lopez by TKO in Round 8.