Kimbo Slice Revealed to be Greg Oden's Biological Father

Tim SeemanAnalyst IOctober 8, 2008

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Grizzled facial hair, gigantic physical proportions, faces only a mother and grandmother could love, Greg Oden and Kimbo Lsice share all those. But are they father and son?

Kimbo Slice first appeared on national television on CBS as a mixed martial artist in the EliteXC promotion on November 10, 2007. This is when Greg Oden, the Portland Trail Blazers center of the future, first saw Slice after a long day of rehabilitation following microfracture knee surgery.

Most had seen Kimbo on the internet, punching out poor chumps in some backyard in south Florida. Oden missed out on this initial "Kimbo-mania" because he was too busy dealing with the academic rigors of being a high-profile student-athlete at Ohio State University.

Digressions aside, Oden was shocked when Slice's unkempt visage first came into focus on the screen that night.

He knew then that he needed some help. Who better to ask than the master of paternity tests and polygraphs, Maury Povich.

"Greg called us up and told us he didn't want to be on TV or anything, but he really wanted to find out the truth," Povich said.

Oden and Slice finally met, and the hardened street fighter revealed a softer side that was previously believed not to exist.

"I was skeptical at first, you know, because I just figured he'd be some other kid looking for money," Slice said, "but he don't need no money.  He just wants to know the truth.  And I have to admit, after seeing him, it's a possibility."

Slice agreed to take the paternity test, and it turned out Oden's suspicions were correct. Slice did, in fact, contribute DNA to Oden's genetic makeup.

Oden was ecstatic with the revelation.

"I just can't wait to make up for all the missed time. The first thing I want to do is go to the county fair and ride around on Dad's shoulders with a big wad of cotton candy," Oden said.

The pair didn't rule out mixing professions, either.

"I got a couple post moves that I'm sure Greg could use in the League," Slice said. Oden added, "Yeah, and maybe some day, I'll be able to beat you up, dad!"

The assembled group of reporters laughed as a smiling Oden playfully punched Slice in the arm. 

The smile quickly retreated from Slice's face and he shot a glare of warning in Oden's direction.

"Watch yourself, son," Slice said.  After a few seconds of tense silence, Slice smiled.

"Just kidding!  Get over here and give your old man a hug."